1930s Master Bathroom Remodel: Before and After

1930s Master Bathroom Remodel: Before and After

When you’re working with a small space it can be hard to envision a transformation. Can you really open up an area that feels cramped without tearing out walls and doing a major renovation? Through our master bathroom remodel before and after photos, you’ll see that we were able to do just that.

This home was originally built in 1939, and the homeowners wanted to restore its original charm. We were able to not only do that but also open up the space and make it more functional.

We believe you’ll agree that the changes we made in this 1930s bathroom renovation created a space that is clean, fresh, and open. The dark cramped feeling is gone, and instead the room is light and bright. It’s now worthy of the title “master bathroom!”

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1930s bathroom renovation tile

The biggest change we made in this 1930s bathroom remodel was replacing the dated blue tile on the walls. This tile made the room feel very dark, and as a result, very small. We made it brighter and more current by replacing the blue tile with classic 3×6 white subway tile. We carried this tile throughout the bathroom, including into the shower.

Pedestal Sinks in 1930s bathroom remodel

Another major design detail that we updated was the flooring. We initially looked at ways to update bathroom tile without replacing, but eventually opted to install a marble basket weave design, which could have been something you would have seen when the house was originally built. The black and white color palette blended well with the rest of the home, which was more traditional.

Another big update was replacing the awkward corner vanity with a second sink. We used a Kohler pedestal sink, which was a style from the original design. Pedastal sinks create the illusion of more room, and the chrome fixtures provide a nice pop against the white porcelain.

Updated Bathroom Fixtures

We hope these 1930s bathroom remodel before and after photos gave you some inspiration. Are there places in your home that are dated, cramped, or cold?

We’d love to show you some of our budget bathroom remodel before and after photos and help you transform them into something you love coming home to. Walk through these four easy steps to start your project, or use our handy budget calculator to plan your remodel. A total transformation is easier than you think!


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