2014 Kitchen Countertop Choices that Will Surprise You

Q: How can we bring that “wow” factor into our kitchen with countertops?

A: Homeowners are finding that there is a wide variety of countertop and customization options for them if they want to change things up in the kitchen. We’ve gone through some of the most interesting trends in 2014 to give you some ideas for your project! 

Home renovation expert Jessica Padykula offers some great advice when it comes to choosing your kitchen countertop materials in her recent Shake Up Your Kitchen Countertop.

We all know the time when granite seemed like “the only go-to material” has changed and that the options today are wide and various, ranging from soapstone to concrete. Some of the materials are just making it to the radars of home designers and homeowners alike, and here are six of those from Padykula’s mix.

1. Cut it with Quartz! The name alone explains the luxury. Quartz is both sturdy and stylish and has become a great option for homes with busy families, particularly because the material is hard as well as durable and has a long life span. If you are looking for a countertop with a glossy surface that’s easy to clean, quartz countertops are perfect. Plus, you don’t have to seal or reseal quartz.

2. Seeking Soapstone? Some materials designed for countertops are not as resistant to heat as others (including quartz), but  soapstone is. In addition, soapstone countertops aren’t affected by acids and if you do find a scratch or scrape, it can be etched away! Soapstone does require regular maintenance to keep it looking its best.

3. Eye-Catching Concrete: If concrete hasn’t already caught your attention this spring, it will now. Becoming quickly popular and among one of the fastest-growing choices in home renovation, concrete is durable, scratch and heat resistant and can be customized. You do have to watch out for stains and acidsbecause they can mar a concrete countertop.

4. Go Glass: Glass too has become a top choice for many homeowners (especially recycled glass) because they not only make a great statement but they are nonporous, hygienic and are therefore heat resistant and stain resistant (two great plusses!) That being said, when you think glass, think fingerprints because you’ll have to make sure to keep the kids away or your glass cleaner nearby!

5. Stay with Stainless: If you’ve opted for stainless steel around the kitchen in your appliances, why not consider it on other surfaces, like your countertops? Stainless steel is appealing to homeowners for its sleek look, as well as stain and heat resistant features. That being said, in a home full of kids, it may not be the best option for you because it is susceptible to not only fingerprints, but also scratches and dings.

6. Love Lava Stone: You may or may not have heard of lava stone when it comes to countertop materials, but don’t make your choice until you have. It comes in either glossy or matte and a wide variety of colors. Like glass, it’s resistant to stains, heat and scratches. That being said, as a newer material on the market, you’ll pay a little more than some of the other standard choices.

While these six choices caught our attention, there are plenty more and we would love to walk you through making those selections. We have many options at ACo  and can make your kitchen dreams come true.

Contact us for a consultation and check out our gallery to some of the stunning renovations we’ve helped homeowners like you realize!



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