2014’s Top Home Organization Trends

Q: I have a lot of big ideas for home renovations but my budget doesn’t necessarily match. What are some tips for helping me stick with the basics but still have some fun?

A: The big three trends this season are probably just what you need to help you organize your thoughts on this one! This spring, the big push is toward home organization through built-in cabinets, cubbies and repurposed, antique furniture! Here are some more details on each one from the Spring 2014 Home Design Trend Report released in March.

According to the Zillow Digs Board of Designers over half of American homeowners are planning renovations this spring (59%!) and the three most common projects they are opting for include: built-in cabinets, cubbies and repurposing antique furniture.

Here is a summary from the report on how these are showing up in homes:

  1. Built-In Cabinets: Predicted to be the top renovation project, using built-in cabinets or lockers with coat hooks and benches are showing up in mud rooms and laundry rooms because they are a great functional use of space and allow for additional storage of coats, shoes and other items. Homeowner have lots of options when it comes to imparting their spin on the craft too, whether it’s from salvaging cabinets from somewhere else and repurposing them or adding a little touch with unique knobs and hooks.
  2. Cubbies: Another hit when it comes to storage solutions are cubbies. Both in the kitchen and in other places around the home, grouping like items together on trays or storing them in baskets that insert into a cubby space has grown. Homeowners are looking for ways to keep storage “simple, light and bright” according to Kerrie Kelly, one member of the Board explains.
  3. Repurposed, Antique Furniture: The third popular trend in home renovations this springs includes repurposing antique furniture to bring ‘new life into the home without breaking the bank.” Homeowners are doubling up on functions, for example, using old trunks to serve coffee tables and storage solutions. We are also seeing a lot of retrofitted rolling carts in the kitchen to store glasses, dishes and small appliances.

Which, if any, of these trends do you have your sights on this spring? Let ACo partner with you to bring to fruition your full design! Contact us today for an appointment or to learn more.


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