2023 Bathroom Trends: All About Big Personality and Personalization

2023 Bathroom Trends: All About Big Personality and Personalization

This year’s bathroom trends are all about you. What they have in common is that they are geared towards incorporating your personality into this space, empowering you to enhance your experience and elevate your design. From tech to texture, 2023 offers an exciting array of opportunities for comfort, convenience, and an aesthetic that suits your style – and your soul. 

Luxe Looks: Top 2023 Bathroom Trends 

What’s hot and steamy for the bathroom this year?  

Bathroom Tech 

Mia Farrell, ACo Design & Sales Consultant, says, “Bringing personality into the space is a big deal, but also personalizing the space. We can do that really easily through smart controls.”  

ACo design team member Kayley Vargo agrees, adding, “I’ve been seeing a lot of technology in showers lately with digital control systems. You may want a rain head and body sprays, and perhaps a separate handheld. You can have different temperatures coming in from different shower heads; you can have advanced acoustics. There are all kinds of features that allow you to personalize your experience.” 

Even the commode is getting an update. More designs feature “smart” toilets with touch-free flushing, automatic lids, heated seats, music streaming, lights… All of which can be customized specifically for you. 

Another great benefit of today’s tech is that, even if you share a space (e.g., the owner’s suite), you can create your own unique settings. Whether you are hopping in the shower, getting ready for your day, or winding down at night, you can tailor your controls so the water is like a warm spring rain (or an ultra-hot storm!), the floor is just warm enough to take the chill out of your feet, and the lighting is conducive to your sleep schedule. 

A Tailored Yet Layered Look 

Texture is the new color!  

If you have been wanting to go bold, 2023 is your year. Kayley says that one of the year’s biggest trends is “the layering of materials, adding personality into the space.” You’ll see more dramatic 3D tiles, metals integrated into the design, and even wallpaper or wainscotting to achieve a look that is both layered and polished, dynamic and elegant – and completely you 

Bold… Daring… Moody 

Black is the new… black.  

ACo’s Carlie Suski says, “There is a huge trend towards more moody spaces.” For example, you may paint your powder

room (walls and trim) in a deep, saturated color and add some rich finishes and metals that will pop. 

You can also add even more interest to textures like wainscotting. It doesn’t have to be traditional white. Why not go with black? Why not choose a deep color that captures your personality? Either way, it’s dark, it’s rich, it’s bold, it’s daring…and it’s still comfortable and welcoming. 

If you’re not sure, start small: try a rich, saturated tone for your trim. It makes a sharp backdrop that makes your design shine – and if you change your “mood,” you can as easily change your paint! 

Living Room Vibes  

Thinking back to last year’s trends (many still relevant today), Mia says, “We saw a ‘living room’ vibe enter into the kitchen. There was less focus on cabinetry, and more on creating a cozy, welcoming space. This is creeping its way into the bathroom.” 

Lighting plays a large part in this shift towards a more “homey” type space. Carlie says, “I don’t use a lot of traditional bathroom lights anymore. [I’m using] more chandeliers and wall sconces.” These have been traditionally at home in the living areas of the house, but fixtures like this go a long way in creating beautiful ambient lighting to complement task-specific lighting (e.g., a lit mirror to get ready for the day). 

Love Where You Live 

If we had to distill 2023 bathroom trends down to one word, it would be you. Customized, personalized, and a perfect canvas for integrating your personality into the space. Love where you live… and where you start and end your days.  

Connect with the ACo team to kickstart your bathroom project or watch the video below to hear more about the Design team’s favorite bath trends.  


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