2023 Cabinet Trends

2023 Cabinet Trends

Cabinets are natural focal points, as well as a key element of kitchen and bath layouts. They are, of course, imminently practical and convenient – but choosing a style that resonates with you and that suits your overall design is key. How do you stay on trend and ensure a timeless aesthetic? 

We have the hottest 2023 cabinet trends for inspiration. 

Top 2023 Cabinet Trends 

Buh-Bye, All White Cabinets! 

White and neutrals like gray have long dominated the kitchen. They are not going anywhere, but many of us are ready for an evolution. Two- and three-toned cabinets are growing in prominence, as are pops of more bold color. 

A two-toned kitchen features different colors or different shades of the same color for the upper and lower cabinets (typically darker on the bottom). Tri-tone designs introduce a third color or shade (e.g. light green uppers, medium green tone lowers, and a darker green island). Thoughtfully done, this is layered, interesting, and awe-inspiring. 

Color can be integrated in any number of ways. You can use analogous colors, for example. These are those that are side-by-side on the color wheel (e.g. blue, blue green, and green). One is the focus color, one supports, and one accents. You can also choose to introduce a burst of color that complements your main scheme (e.g. orange and/or yellow as a contrast to blue) or a simple color that offers a pop against wood tones.  

The options are… well, endless! We can help you make a decision that’s right for your style and enduring in terms of your aesthetic.  

Texture Takes Your Style to the Next Level 

Think about a painting like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” or Monet’s “Water Lilies.” You think dynamic. Interesting. Multi-faceted. Layered. Intriguing. Why can’t your cabinets be your home’s canvas – and masterpiece? 

Textured doors empower you to add interest, emphasis, and life to your cabinetry. You can wow with glass and mesh wire doors, go bold with dark metal, subtle with reeding, or anything you can imagine with veneers. Mixing in texture strategically adds ample flavor to this all-important space. 

Cabinets as Custom Furniture? Yes, Please 

Stop. The. Show. Whether bold, elegant, understated, or opulent, choosing unique designs turns your cabinets into statement-making furniture. It’s an easy “hack” that elevates your entire aesthetic.  

For example, instead of a standard toe kick on lower cabinetry, you can opt for furniture style legs to add the illusion of spaciousness and a more polished look. There are any number of techniques to use, including trimming out the bottom edges of upper cabinets, extending cabinetry wall-to-wall and/or floor-to-ceiling, adding molding or trim to transitions and open spaces, and using interesting and unexpected hardware for your drawer knobs and pulls. 

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em… Hide ‘Em 

Clever design can hide a multitude of sins… Or in this case, a multitude of messes! Let’s face it, kitchens and bathrooms are a magnet for clutter, odds and ends, ubiquitous junk drawers, and items that, while essential, aren’t exactly contributing to the vibe. 

You know this. You’ve decluttered, cleaned out, pared down, and otherwise ensured you have what you need and want, no more and no less. Still… It takes a lot of gadgets, appliances, staples, and supplies. Cabinet organization and good ol’ fashioned hiding are your best friends in maintaining a clean, cohesive space.  

One of our top cabinet trends for 2023 – and forever – is organization. With the right storage solutions, accessories, and even some sleek hidden pantries, you can achieve that seamless look – and still have all of your must-haves close at hand. From roll-out shelves, blind corner organizers, and inserts to message centers, island organizers, and pantry pull-outs, a few handy additions can make a world of difference. 

Love Where You Live 

Do these 2023 cabinet trends strike your interest? They balance style and personality with convenience and organization: perfect for a seamless, beautiful kitchen or bathroom! Check out our helpful guide, “Everything You Need to Know About Cabinets” to jumpstart your project. 


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