2024 Top Trends to Consider for Your Next Kitchen Project

2024 Top Trends to Consider for Your Next Kitchen Project

While we are never in favor of chasing fads or hopping on a trend just because, it is helpful – and inspiring – to see what’s on the horizon and how others are utilizing their kitchens for maximum impact. That said, these 2024 kitchen trends will not steer you wrong:

1. The Positives of Negative Space

We’re going to let you in on a professional design secret: Not every inch of space needs to be filled with cabinets. There is a great deal to be said for saying, well… nothing. Negative space and blank walls balance the large focal points and furniture pieces we are seeing. Say you have a statement-making island or a dramatic backsplash. Let them shine. By strategically weaving in negative space, you keep the design from feeling top-heavy or overwhelming.

And don’t worry: You will not sacrifice storage – not on our watch!

2. The Kitchen That Doesn’t Look Like a Kitchen

Imagine… You have guests coming, and you’re going for the full WOW factor with a gourmet 5-course dinner. Now imagine that you did not have to furiously clean, arrange, remove off-duty appliances, organize, and ready your space for said guests.

With a kitchen that doesn’t look like a kitchen appliances are tucked away in appliance garages. Preparation and cleanup take place in “dirty pantries.” Cabinets cleverly disguised to blend seamlessly into the overall design open to reveal hidden pantries, pull-outs, lazy susans, blind corner organizers, and more like a veritable magic trick. See, you really do not have to sacrifice storage for style.

3. Cabinets with Character

Your kitchen cabinets are the perfect vehicle for expressing style, sophistication, and personality. While the epitome of practical, these kitchen workhorses are also key to the character of your design. Consider:

  • Frameless cabinets don’t have the typical face frame you see on traditional
  • Warm Wood Tones. Warmth and wood, never go out of style in the kitchen. Updated oak styles, for example, offer all the charm you need without the yellow honey shade of the nineties. Deep walnut tones bring a luxurious vibe and a variety of medium brown stains will beautifully complement your floors, countertops, furnishings, and accents for a stunning look.
  • Green Cabinetry. We talked about sustainability, but here we mean cabinets. In addition to giving you a sleek, streamlined look, this also gives you a bit more storage (always a plus).
  • “green” literally. Shades from moody hunter green to pale sage are making themselves quite at home in luxe kitchens. Not only is this a timeless color, evoking nature and organic beauty, it is also on-trend for 2024’s overall theme of tranquility and calm.

4. The Perfect Touch with Tile

Linear tile adds incredible visual interest to a space. They create a dramatic aesthetic when stacked or arranged in vertical layouts. This may be the way to make your backsplash pop, and you can even extend the tile up to the ceiling or out and over to create an accent wall.

Reeded tiles are also making (3D) waves in the kitchen. TUBAGE tiles from Emser, for example, introduce a bold look into your space with a sculptural, dimensional silhouette. While the color options are relatively straightforward (navy, white, bronze, green, etc.), the “architecture” of the tile gives them fathomless depth.

5. Mix and Match

Mix and match is a great way to pull together a cohesive, gorgeous look. In 2024’s kitchens, we expect to see a combination of stained and painted cabinets, as well as a pitch-perfect medley of hardware. A design that is too “matchy” risks looking like a catalog ad rather than the vibrant heart of your home. When you allow your personality to shine through, your kitchen will reflect the lives of the people who live there.

Whether you connect the design by using the same finish for all components or using one style for upper cabinetry and one for lower, don’t be afraid to break free from the pages of a catalog!

Put It All Together – and Love Where You Live

Which 2024 kitchen trends catch your attention? Which inspires you? Which can you picture living with – and enjoying – as you make memories in your home?

Connect with the ACo team, and we will help you put your own spin on these kitchen trends so you can love where you live.


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