24×24 Floor Tiles: Go Big and Go Home!

24×24 Floor Tiles: Go Big and Go Home!

Good things come in small packages. But bigger is better. What’s a homeowner to do! When it comes to a decision like selecting flooring, the answer is simple: whatever is aligned with your own preferences and style and complements the size and aesthetic of your home. See… simple! Larger 24×24 floor tiles are on-trend and making themselves at home – beautifully – across the country.  

What are the benefits and the best places to use them? And are they right for your home? 

What Do You Need to Know About 24×24 Floor Tiles? 

The tried-and-true 12×12 (and smaller) isn’t going anywhere, but a trend we are seeing coming into prominence is the use of large format tiles. Once utilized exclusively in commercial settings, such as restaurants and hotels, 24×24 floor tiles are entering the home – with exceptional results. Why is bigger better, or at least a strong option to consider? 

  • Rooms appear larger. Many people assume that if they install large format tiles, it will make the room look smaller. Not so! Here’s why: there are much fewer (and often thinner) grout lines involved in a floor with 24×24 tiles. The effect is that the visual field is not interrupted every few inches.

    While grout lines are typically only 1/16” to 3/16” thick, they do stop the eye. For many styles, this is not a problem (and can even be a great benefit). However, if you want to achieve a smooth, seamless, modern or contemporary look, the fewer obstacles the eye encounters, the better. As a result, the room will look and feel more spacious.

  • Less maintenance. Fewer grout lines = less intensive maintenance. If your favorite chore is scrubbing grout… 24×24 floor tiles may not be for you. If, however, you enjoy doing literally anything else in your free time, then they may be just the solution.

  • Versatility. Large format tiles are exceptional choices for modern, contemporary, and transitional styles, but they can work just as well in a variety of homes. If you love pattern, for example, the expanded size allows you to create the look you want without visual interruption. You also avoid the sense that you are overcrowding a room or overwhelming other elements of the design.Note: While we’re talking about 24×24 floor tiles, you can also extend the tiles up the wall for an ultra-modern look. 


  • Wide-open options. You can source 24×24 tiles in different materials, including natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain, as well as in a variety of colors and patterns. Whether you want a crisp, white marble for a statement-making kitchen or bath or a porcelain that achieves a warm wood look for your entryway or great room, there are options available to meet your needs from top manufacturers like Daltile and Emser Tile

Using 24×24 Tiles In Your Home 

Again, the best option for your home is one that suits your style, preferences, and aesthetic goals. That said, you do want design that is cohesive and that just makes sense for the space. With that in mind: 

  • Don’t be afraid to use large format tiles in smaller rooms. Large format tiles in small rooms? Are you crazy? Nope. Just savvy! Using 24×24 tiles makes rooms look larger – where better to use them than in a smaller space! Again, because of the minimized grout lines, you can create the illusion of more space. For best results, consult your design and remodeling team.  
  • If using wall tile, make sure it is the same size or smaller than the floor tiles. As mentioned, extending the larger format tiles up the wall can be a great way to create a sleek look (and make smaller rooms look larger, as we discussed above). If you do this, though, be sure that your wall tiles are equal to or smaller than the size of your floor tiles. If they are larger, they look disproportionate and disturb the balance of the room. In other words, they look “off.”  
  • Don’t stagger the tiles. You can, of course, if that meets your aesthetic. However, one of the big benefits of 24×24 floor tiles is that you minimize grout lines and keep the line of sight as uninterrupted as possible. Staggering the tiles creates more obstacles for the eye, so to speak. Let large format tiles shine by choosing a straight setting.  
  • Which room? Where would you normally use tile? The kitchen? The bathroom? The great room or living room? The mudroom or entryway? The patio or outdoor kitchen? Feel free to consider 24×24 floor tiles in these spaces. Large format tiles are not restricted to any one room. 

Love Where You Live 

If you are thinking about 24×24 floor tiles for your home, contact the experts. ACo’s team includes experienced design and installation professionals who will help you make the right call – and ensure your results exceed your expectations. Connect with us. 


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