About Wood: Butcher Block and More on the Countertop

Q: What are some options for carrying out a rustic, cabin-feel in the kitchen when it comes to countertops? We’re thinking butcher block but want a few ideas on what you can do with it.

A: Butcher block used to be a material that was relegated to, well, butchering and that, pretty much, was its sole purpose. But today, as with many materials, this one is receiving renewed interest and popularity for its unique look, durability and rustic feel.

Here are some ideas to help your creative juices keep flowing!

Turn to Grain and Color: Depending on what exact look and feel you are going for, one thing you’ll never come up short on in butcher block is variety. From Eastern Maple to variegated designs, butcher block is a material that you can mix and match or stay the same when it comes to matching your countertops with kitchen islands other surfaces.

Thickness: When you are selecting your countertops, one aspect you’ll want to consider is the thickness of your material. Typical thicknesses include anything between 1.5-2 inches but we’ve seen up to 4 inch thick countertops!

Other Surfaces: If you have other surfaces in your kitchen, like an island, for example, that are not butcher block, don’t feel like you can’t choose butcher block. One combination that goes very well with the rustic wood, is natural stone. Combining the two can create that woodsy feel that you are looking for.

Share with us your ideas for using butcher block along surfaces in your kitchen! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve the kitchen of your dreams!

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