ACo: Building the Future with a Team We Love

ACo: Building the Future with a Team We Love

Over the past 20 years, ACo has created some amazing spaces; the ability to help our clients truly and whole-heartedly love where they live fills us with pride. What we are most proud of, however, is our experienced, passionate team. As we celebrate two decades of smoothing out the ups and downs of remodeling and building homes, we recognize that it would simply not be possible without them. Of everything we have built over the years, our team is, without a doubt, our best work.

ACo Celebrates 20 Years of Loving Where You Live

What does this milestone mean to ACo? “It means we are old,” quips Joe Evans, Director of Sales. (Well… not all of us!) It also means that, collectively, we’re a little smarter today than we were yesterday – but not as smart as we’ll be tomorrow.

Each day has led to new discoveries. It’s how we grew over two decades, years which brought us through a significant economic downturn and global pandemic. Founder and Owner David Decker says, “My mind still feels like we just started and is energetic to continue growth forward. We still learn everyday and will continue to learn as we grow. Times have not always been easy… but we have always found a way to persevere as a team and continue to get stronger with each obstacle.”

The secret to our strength is not a secret at all: It’s our team. Always has been. Always will be.

Diverse Team Members; Common Core Values

Amanda Wagoner, Director of CAD, remarks, “I love that each project is unique. I never draw up the same design twice.” We feel the same way about the team we built and are building. While each member is unique, bringing different and diverse skills to the table, they do share common core values. ACo exclusively employs people who are committed to being the best and holding themselves, and one another, accountable in reaching our goals.

David says, “The core values have been identified as part of being a good human being, so we made them part of who the company is. [We] created a team that is all striving towards the same goals and vision for themselves and [ACo].”

As a company and a culture, we believe in:

  • Customer Altruistic
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Candor
  • Curiosity
  • Teamwork
  • Reflective Humility

Finding talented, dedicated people who hold these values closely, and to whom they are not just words, isn’t always easy – but it is always worth it.

Love Where You Work

We want our valued clients to love where they live. It’s just as important that our people love where they work. Amanda says, “ACo isn’t your typical work environment. You are family when you work here.” Like family, we’re there to offer our two cents. Design and Sales Consultant Carlie Suski (a.k.a. the “Cabinet Queen) says, “Working at ACo, I love that I can rely on our team’s wealth of knowledge, experience, and problem-solving skills to help turn my clients’ dream remodel or new home build into a reality. ACo has curated a fun yet nurturing environment that is a rarity in today’s work climate.”

And like family, we build each other up. Olivia Rogers, our Marketing Specialist, adds, “We have a weekly company meeting where everyone gives shout-outs to people who have gone above and beyond the previous week. It’s extremely encouraging how everyone goes out of their way to help people in other departments.”

Another rarity: ACo’s formidable women. In an industry that is largely and historically male-dominated, they are critical to our results and success. Maddie Lynch, Purchaser, says, “I’m the younger one of the bunch, and they all make me feel included and welcome. I’m glad our girl-power team continues to grow.”

ACo is committed to fostering a safe, productive, collaborative work environment and one that is inclusive of and empowering to those who may have traditionally been discounted. We want the right person for the job; often, that’s a woman! Our hope is that we don’t have to say it’s a rarity in the industry much longer.

7305+ Days Later…

Recently, ACo has seen a transfer of leadership from David to the next generation and beyond. The team is ready. As we continue to grow and adapt, we will always focus on our people, processes, culture, and innovation. With that, we will continue to lead the industry forward.


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