ACo Kitchen Accessory Wish List: Top 5

ACo Kitchen Accessory Wish List: Top 5

Modern life leaves little spare time to cook for many, so creating more convenience in the kitchen is often a top priority for renovation design. From easy to reach storage to making clean up a breeze, here are our top 5 kitchen accessory must-haves.

1. Kitchen Mixer Storage and Stand

Although fairly new to the Kitchen-Aid mixer club, it’s currently taking up a massive amount of space on my already small countertop. I’ve contemplated between a garage cabinet or a pull-up storage stand, but ultimately don’t want to ever lift or scoot the heavy piece again.

Image: Unknown

2. Trash/Recycle Combo Drawer WITH Storage

If you’re anything like us, we recycle far more than we toss, which means we need side-by-side trash/recycle bins and a place for bags! This is the perfect solution instead of bending down underneath the sink or hassling the stairs for trash and recycle bags!

Image: Apartment Therapy

3. Spice Storage

I’m a fan of drawers over doors, so I love how this spice drawer is easily accessible AND has a division for those two sets of spices we all have (generic and name brand)! What would I add? Another division on the right or left to store my two sets of measuring spoons (decorative and functional, of course!), making that portion of meal prep a breeze.

Image: Buzz Buzz News

4. Dog Feeding Station

Who else is a dog lover out there?! We are a dog family and likely always will be, so having a place in the kitchen for our dog to eat and drink water is important. Although not a kitchen accessory, per say, this feeding station is convenient, stunning and easy to clean! Any #teamcat readers? A smaller version of this example would also work!

Image: Traditional Home

5. Appliance Garage

Now that the Kitchen-Aid mixer is taken care of, what about your Vitamix, food processor, toaster, coffee maker, etc.?! Enter an appliance garage. These days, there are many unique garage doors, hinges and cabinet fronts to explore when considering an appliance garage. The example below takes advantage of what would have been an awkward corner and turns the space into functional and hidden!

Image: Cocoon Home Design

If you are ready to ditch your inconvenient kitchen and love where you live with a fully functional and beautifully accessorized space, connect with ACo for a complimentary in home design consultation or stop by our showroom + design studio in Fishers!


By: Courtney Walker Pope with Polish Interior and Art Design



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