The Kohler Konnect Products

The Kohler Konnect Products

Kohler has released information on their line of voice and motion enabled plumbing and bath fixture technology! Continue reading for a description of the Kohler Konnect products to consider for your upcoming bath or kitchen remodel!

Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror

“Enjoy a new level of convenience in your bathroom with the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror. Using built-in Amazon Alexa, effortlessly control your ideal lighting,” – Kohler. Shopping, music, or receiving traffic updates as you start your morning routine is now much easier with the Verdera Mirror!

Design Feature: The product will be available in three sizes, 24”, 34” or 40” wide by 33” tall.

kohler konnect product lineImage: Kohler

Kohler’s New Sensate Voice-Activated Faucet

“Meet your new virtual kitchen assistant. The Sensate smart faucet with voice activated technology dispenses measured amounts of water and provides two sprays to make daily kitchen tasks easier,” – Kohler. If you are one to monitor monthly water usage, the Kohler Konnect app will keep you aware of both water usage and leaks with the Sensate faucet.

Design Feature: Choose from three finishes including chrome, Vibrant Stainless or Oil-Rubbed Bronze.

Kohler Sensate FaucetImage: Kohler

Kohler Konnect Touchless Response

“Touchless Response technology provides hands-free flushing while the warming feature of the PureWarmth seat and a guiding nightlight make your bathroom experience more comfortable.”

Design features to be released soon, but if you’re interested in learning more, connect with us at ACo!

kohler productsImage: Kohler

DTV Showering System

“The DTV+ showering system with Kohler Konnect allows you to create presets for sound, water, steam and lighting, delivering the ultimate personalized experience,” –Kohler.

Design features to be released soon!

Image: Kohler

Kohler PerfectFill

“PerfectFill technology will draw a bath to your preferred preset temperature with a simple voice command, making your bathing experience carefree.” Can you image simply speaking “Start my evening bath”? Although baths are soothing and the perfect way to wind down, standing over monitoring the fill and temperature takes up those precious minutes. No longer is that an issue, it’s your reality with PerfectFill Technology to control filling, draining and temperatures by voice command!

kohler perfectfill bathtubImage: Kohler

Kohler Konnect Numi

This toilet has it all! From an elongated bowl to motion activation – this plumbing fixture MIGHT become your best friend.  “The Numi intelligent toilet with Kohler Konnect offers a foot warmer, personal cleansing bidet, heated seat, ambient lighting and even your favorite tunes,” – Kohler.  Ladies, it even self-cleans! After learning more about the Numi, the features and technology perks are a must!

Design feature: Available in white or black finish!

kohler connectImage: Kohler

ACo is excited to integrate Kohler Konnect products into your next bath or kitchen renovation! Let them guide you through your next renovation. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or give us a call  at 317-575-9540.


Article by Courtney Walker Pope, Polish Interior and Art Design.



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