ACo // Kohler Konnect

ACo // Kohler Konnect

Mornings and evenings as a family can be hectic. We all have our own story and our routines, but imagine a technology that would help eliminate wasteful minutes of your life. A technology to turn on the shower, dispense 4 cups of water, or dim the vanity light. Life will be that simple with Kohler Konnect, a voice enabled technology for your home’s plumbing and bath fixtures.

Image: Architectural Digest/Kohler

For years we have been accustomed to motion censored faucets and toilets in commercial applications, but the industry is welcoming this updated technology into residential spaces but with a better plot twist! Kohler’s Konnect system will encompass plumbing, mirrors, Amazon’s “Alexa” or the Apple Home Kit, your voice and smart phone. Commands such as, “Turn lights to makeup mode,” or “Start my morning shower,” and motion censored flushes or heat can all be features in your family’s everyday life! If we consider the seconds, minutes we spend doing these daily, the time amounts to better used hours and days of doing more things YOU love!

Image: Kohler

Above all else, the Konnect technology is family-friendly – no more germs coming from a flusher, less touching the kitchen faucet with a baby in your arms and fewer teen fingers on electric switches. Imagine the possibilities for your renovation – where could you see integrating a Konnect fixture in your home? At any age or stage of life, we truly believe this is a residential remodel game changer!

Image: Kohler

ACo is excited to integrate Kohler Konnect into your next bath or kitchen renovation! Visit the ACo website at https://liveaco.com or give them a call to schedule your appointment at 317.575.9540. By: Courtney Walker Pope with Polish Interior and Art Design

When homeowners decide to remodel or build their dream home they have many choices and decisions to make. The unknown can be frustrating and overwhelming. We put them at ease by providing clear direction and expectations, guiding them through our proven and worry-free approach to create luxurious kitchen, bath, and flooring spaces so families can truly “love where they live”.


Article by Courtney Walker Pope


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