Adding Storage Space to Your Kitchen

Q. No matter what I do, I always seem to run out of space for storing things in my kitchen! What can I do to add storage space to my kitchen without giving it an entire makeover?

If your kitchen is lacking in storage space; it can becomes difficult to keep it organized and clean. Since your kitchen is the one of the busiest areas in your home, increasing its storage space is always a wise decision. Here are some ways to maximize storage space for your kitchen without doing a complete overhaul.

  • Add cabintery: If you have an existing closet style pantry, a helpful tip would be to tear out the walls surrounding this space, and add cabinetry. There is about four inches of space to be gained from where the walls used to be. Additonally, cabinetry will create better organization with shelving, drawers and counter space.

  • Add a kitchen cart: Carts can be used to store items that are used less frequently. These carts are specifically used to store items like mixers, microwave, etc.

  • Pull-out cabinet racks: Installing pull-out cabinet racks is very beneficial for enhancing storage space in the kitchen. They can be used to place pots and pans, and do not even cost much.

  • Wall mounted storage: Rails and hooks are majorly used to hold large utensils and other items. These can be mounted on your kitchen’s backsplash making room inside the drawers.

  • Pot Rack: Consider using a pot rack to hang your pots from the ceiling. Make sure you are installing the pot rack at appropriate height so that there is no difficulty to reach the pots.

  • Remove inventory: Empty the kitchen cabinets from cooking items like baking pans, storage containers, pans and pots. If you have an inventory that has not been used for many months, recycle or donate it.

  • Additional cabinets: If your kitchen space allows, install additional cabinets.


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