Advice For Re-designing Your Kitchen

Q. What advice can you share for those about to embark on a kitchen re-design?

A. Transforming your kitchen tends to be quite overwhelming for most of homeowners. However, this can be avoided with careful planning before embarking the kitchen re-design. Thus saving you time, money and frustration from unexpected delays. Here are few things that should be done prior to starting your kitchen re-design:

Thoroughly research: Choosing the right professional to work with is one of the most important decisions you will have to
make. Below are the few things to keep in mind when choosing a remodeler:
• What are their ratings? 
• How many projects have they completed successfully?
• Can they provide you with references of their past clients?

Determine the type of company best suited for you: When it comes to projects like kitchen remodeling there are different choices in the types of companies to choose from. From a kitchen showroom, general contractor, to a design firm, choose a company that meets all your desired requirements for your kitchen-remodeling project. At ACo, we can meet all these needs.

Set up a budget: There are countless possibilities when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Make sure you make a budget that you are comfortable and realistic with, and then plan your options accordingly. Setting up a budget will help you prioritize things that are most important in your remodel.

Determine the goals of the remodeling project: Why are you planning to get a kitchen remodel? Will it be a room for central gathering? Determining the goals will help you make important, long-term decisions.

Think about the scope of work: Are you planning to keep the footprint same or is there enough room to expand it?   When it comes to scope of work, no two-kitchen transformations are the same. 

Think of a kitchen style: Determining the overall kitchen style will help you select cabinets, countertops and flooring accordingly. Kitchen style can be anything from contemporary, retro, country to traditional. What’s your style?

Collect design ideas: Go through magazines, books, social sites, seminars and every possibility to collect ideas for your kitchen design. Houzz is a great place to catalog your favorite ideas and styles for sharing with your designer.  Appliances are a great way to start making selections building everything else around them.


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