Q: How can I incorporate black iron in the bathroom?


A: There is a wide variety of black iron, bathroom accessories available to the discerning buyer, ranging from products produced by large manufacturers to hand-forged items. Imagine the delight of having your black iron, bathroom accessories made for you by a modern-day blacksmith!



Black iron bathroom accessories are often used to achieve a rustic look. Hand wrought black iron towel racks or towel hooks can bring to mind the décor of a country inn or rustic lake-side lodge. Can’t you just picture the hand-hewn black iron towel rack against a knotty pine wall?



If you want to bring a bit of a lake-side vacation home with you, perhaps you might want to recreate this look in one of your bathrooms. Often people will choose to decorate the guest or other extra bathroom in a theme style.



Using black iron, bathroom accessories could be the perfect theme for you, particularly if you are a fan of the rustic lodge look. This is a popular decorating style for second homes, also, and black iron, bathroom accessories might be a great choice for your bathrooms there. Of course, if you have a log home, either for your primary residence or second home, using black iron, bathroom accessories is a no-brainer. There’s no doubt that black iron and wood go together like a hand in a glove.



Here are some ideas for iron accessories in your bathroom:

  • Sometimes black iron is used to create theme pieces such as a towel hook decorated with a horse head, or a soap dish in the shape of a loon.
  • If you desire to add special touches to your bathroom with a specific theme, black iron, bathroom accessories may be just the thing for you.
  • Another popular motif is the Texas star, which fits right in with homes in a southwestern or western style.
  • What about using it for a child’s bathroom with a cowboy theme?
  •  The hammered texture of hand-forged black iron often is also used in homes with Mission or Craftsman styles. If you have a home in one of these styles you’ll want to consider using black iron, bathroom accessories in your bathroom for sure.

When searching for black iron, bathroom accessories, be sure to check out not only the hand-forged varieties but the manufactured kind, also. You may be able to get a similar look for a less expensive price. Whichever you choose, your black iron, bathroom accessories are sure to give you lasting pleasure.


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