American Standard’s Beale Faucet

American Standard’s Beale Faucet

Innovation in the Kitchen:
American Standard’s Beale Faucet

Do you want a home that is as practical as it is elegant? Today’s top manufacturers deliver products and appliances that not only add to the convenience and functionality of your space but to its appearance. American Standard’s Beale Faucet, for example, is a time-saving, water-saving, sanity-saving solution for your kitchen.

The Intelligent Design of the Beale Faucet

American Standard has set the bar for excellence for over 140 years. A premier manufacturer of high-quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures, faucets, sinks, and other essentials, their products are found in three of every five homes! And for good reason. They’re both beautifully made and innovative.

The Beale Faucet is another in a long line of ingenious products. Complete your kitchen tasks faster and more efficiently (while adding more than a splash of style) with help from:

  • MeasureFill Technology. American Standard’s Beale Faucet is one of the first on the market to offer this convenient feature. Simply turn the dial to your desired amount of water (from 4 ounces to 40 ounces), touch the dial window, and the Beale Faucet takes care of the rest.

This is a great way to make sure your recipe measurements are accurate. And if you love multitasking, you can fill up a glass or pot without wasting water while you attend to other jobs around the kitchen.

  • Blue LED Light. Energy-efficient LED illuminates the dial window, indicating when the MeasureFill feature is in use. It also lights up the volume marks, making the Beale Faucet a breeze to use.
  • Touch On-Off. Imagine you’re mixing up some dough or preparing chicken breast. You need to wash your hands — without adding another task (cleaning and disinfecting the handle) to your list. With the Beale Faucet, you can tap the dial with your wrist, clean up, and go about your business.
  • Temperature Memory. If you’re completing repetitive tasks (e.g. washing and rinsing dishes), the faucet saves your temperature setting. Next time you turn on the water, it returns to the desired temperature.
  • Pull-Down Operation with Two Spray Patterns. The sprayer is conveniently integrated into the faucet. Simply pull it down and get to work! The Beale Faucet also offers two patterns: stream and spray so you can opt for the power you need.
  • Water Conserving Technology. Save water with a flow rate of just 1.5 gallons per minute. The faucet also features automatic shutoff.
  • Contemporary Finishes. The American Standard Beale Faucet is available in polished chrome and stainless steel. It will fit in effortlessly with your appliances and decor.

Making your kitchen more usable and beautiful? We love it! With the American Standard Beale Faucet, you’ll wonder how you managed with a conventional faucet. Design elements, appliances, and products should help you maximize practicality and style, so you can love where you live. Contact us today for a free design consultation and subscribe to our newsletter so you can stay up to date on the latest products and trends.


by Katie Mientka



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