Q: I’m considering a renovation for my bathroom. Is it a bad idea to try it myself?


A: Every year thousands of homeowners decide to renovate their bathrooms. Don’t tackle the project yourself! You can avoid the following common bathroom blunders by working with the professionals at ACo!


1. Problems.  Something could go wrong. Any number of issues can arise unexpectedly during a renovation. The new tile you ordered could arrive broken. When tearing out the old flooring, you could discover the subfloor is not usable. We have seen many DIY-ers tackle a bathroom only to find they have a leaky shower when all is said and done.  This usually results in a project that costs more than paying someone to do it right the first time!


2. Injuries. Safety is a must! But when you take on a project alone like a bathroom renovation, you open yourself up to the possibility of injury.  Each year, thousands of Americans injure themselves while attempting to renovate their bathrooms. Injuries can range from minor to quite severe and will always set your project back.


3. Mistakes. Mistakes happen, especially when undertaking a renovation by yourself. You could spill paint on the new floor or put a hole in the wall where one is not supposed to be. Mistakes are frustrating and will set you back both time and money. It’s best to steer clear of the potential for errors and work with experts.


4. Giving Up. After all the problems, injuries, and mistakes, many do-it-yourselfers feel like giving up. Often, those who take on renovations themselves get into the thick of the project and realize they’ve taken on more than they can handle. When this happens, they can either live with an unfinished project or hire out the rest of the work, which is what they should have done in the first place. Attempting to go at it alone costs extra money and time.


Don’t risk your time, sanity, or safety! Let the professionals at ACo handle your bathroom renovation with ease!





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