Backsplash for My Basement Bar?

Q: We are planning to upgrade our basement here in the near future and are wondering what the trends are for putting in backsplashes in the basement. Are they a no-go or are they trending now?

A: Yes, of course you can put a backsplash in your basement bar or mini kitchen. Most homeowners who are redoing their basements and having kitchens installed or upgrading what they currently have, are also having backsplashes put in. The same principles you consider when putting one in in your ground level kitchen are also important to consider in the basement.


What looks great in basement bars? Plenty of styles and backsplash designs and materials can fit well. And it’s another opportunity to let yours or your significant other’s creativity and personality shine. Maybe you got to choose the kitchen design—let your partner chose the lower level’s!


Some of the materials we see in the trendiest basement bars include: 


Stay Slick. Metal backsplashes and stainless steel are still in on any floor of the house. Try with gray ceramic tile floors for an especially slick look.


Go Green. There are a host of green ideas, including living walls and bamboo that can be incorporated into a backsplash.


Use Paint, especially chalkboard paint! Works with almost any other color scheme, though it has to be cleaned a lot!


Add Texture. Wavy backsplashes in granite are in. Looks great with white cabinetry.  


Think Stone.  Cobblestones and brick and mortar give a look of time and unique dimensions to the kitchen area.


Personality Trends. You can select unique fabrics and fix to the wall behind cut-to-size glass. Useful for the person who might want to change up a look with the seasons or just for a day!


No matter which backsplash you choose, you are already going to make a great impression on your guests and families with the upgrade!





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