Bathroom Bliss: Wow-Worthy Design Ideas for 2024

Bathroom Bliss: Wow-Worthy Design Ideas for 2024

When it comes to square footage, your bathroom may comprise a relatively small piece of your overall home – but it can pack a big design punch. If you are planning a bathroom project in 2024, ensure you maximize the potential – and the peace – of this space, by considering these wow-worthy bathroom design ideas.

2024 Bathroom Trends That Are Just as Hot as Your Shower

Who better to talk trends than ACo’s expert design team?

Let There Be Light

ACo’s queen of statement-making design, Carlie Suski, sees a trend toward innovative, and interesting, lighting in bathrooms:

  • Deco Lighting. Art Deco is a distinctive style featuring sleek, distinctive geometric design, angular, symmetrical patterns, luxury materials, and bold lines and colors. Deco lighting infuses your space with a dramatic style that adds a unique “spark” to your bath (metaphorically, of course!).
  • Niche Lighting. In-shower niches are built-ins that help keep your shower/tub area uncluttered and free up invaluable space – and can even become beautiful focal points in their own right. Installing lighting in these niches amplifies both their practical and aesthetic value. You can better see the items you need, as well as create a soothing ambiance for a relaxing soak, shower, or steam.
  • Sconces. Traditional light bars over sinks and mirrors are undoubtedly convenient, but they can lack a certain je ne sais quoi. Instead, why not consider sconces? The fixtures themselves are beautiful design elements, and the light they shed is ideal for your daily tasks. This is one subtle, yet effective, way to integrate more of your unique personality into this space.

Create a Ledge-andary Shower Experience

Mia Farrell, a master of planning and design, loves the ledge. While niches are convenient, there is also a trend towards long ledges built into the shower. This is a sleek, contemporary option that you may prefer if you want to minimize any visual disruption in your tile arrangement – and still have a spot for your shampoo. A ledge contributes to a continuous look that is ultra-clean and streamlined. It is no wonder that its popularity is growing.

Let Off Some Steam

ACo’s intrepid, and detail-oriented, Autumn Janowski understands that hectic schedules call for soothing solutions. With busy schedules and endless demands, you should be able to retreat to your bath for some much-needed rejuvenation. In addition to providing a spa-worthy experience, steam can help boost relaxation, alleviate joint pain, facilitate skin tissue health, improve heart rate, aid muscle recovery, open up mucous membranes, decrease cortisol levels, and improve your cardiovascular system. All while cleansing more effectively and using less water than standard showers, we might add! Elevate you time – and your design.

Walk Into Luxury

Another 2024 bathroom trend that blends convenience, health, and elegance is the doorless shower. Easier to clean and easier to access (which can be a major consideration for those with mobility issues or plans to age in place), a doorless shower also exudes luxury. This option works particularly well in larger spaces and it can help facilitate that seamless, continuous look.

Make a Statement

Where better than the bathroom to go all out and create an environment and aesthetic that truly captures your personality and style? This is your chance to make a bold statement! Think about:

  • Reeded and Linear Tiles. As Mia Farrell notes, these are on-trend in both bathrooms and kitchens. Options like these gorgeous tiles from Emser deliver a powerful architectural appeal, as well as dimension and depth to your shower, backsplash, and other areas. Reeded options also make a great accompaniment to cabinets and vanities.
  • Vertically Stacked Variegated Tile. There is a lot to unpack in this 2024 trend, and ACo’s Kim Trees, who specializes in meaningful, functional design, is here for it. Variegated tile uses subtle differences in shading to create a stunning natural look. This makes a big difference when, for example, subway or 4×4 tiles are stacked vertically rather than staggered, it evokes a much more contemporary look while pulling the eye up and elongating a space.
  • Statement Walls. ACo’s designers love to make a statement – one that captures your A statement wall in tile or wallpaper is one method by which we can do that. The look is as durable as it is eye-catching. This is a great opportunity to play with color, patterns, and textures. Add a little whimsy, daring, excitement, or serenity to your space. It’s entirely up to you.

What’s Trending with You?

Do these 2024 bathroom trends resonate with you? Do you see them playing a starring role in your next project – and integrating with your vision of bathroom bliss? Let’s talk! Our design team will ensure your ideas become a space you love.

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