Bathroom Design Ideas: Everything You Need to Know

What Does It Cost?
Bathroom Design Ideas: Everything You Need to Know

A Guide to Remodeling Your Bathroom: Creating a Bathroom You Love

The Bathroom Design Ideas You Need

The bathroom is certainly one of the most functional, utilitarian rooms in your home — but there is no reason it cannot also be one of the most stunning, luxurious, and calming. Think of this space as your sanctuary. If the feeling you get now, though, is outdated instead of oasis, it may be time for an upgrade.

While bathrooms are one of the smaller areas in the home, it has some of the most important things to consider when it comes to remodeling (e.g. toilets, sinks, showers, faucets, tubs, vanities, and flooring to name just a few). You will also want to keep in mind the latest styles, trends, and innovations, so your bathroom won’t just be functional, it will look great, too

And with so many decisions to make for your bathroom remodel, you’re probably wondering how to even begin. That’s okay—we’re here to help. The remodel process can be daunting, but we remove the worry by guiding homeowners through design and installation to ensure they truly love where they live.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Everything You Need to Know

Why Should You Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are a necessary component of our daily lives. Remodeling your bathroom can have a big effect on your day-to-day life and bring some major benefits.

Whether you choose to do a full remodel or just make a few updates, remodeling your bathroom can transform a small space and make a big impact in your home.

Here are the top 5 reasons to upgrade your bathroom space:

  1. Increase Your Home Value – Bathroom renovations are one of the biggest value increases for homebuyers. Homes with updated bathroom spaces and furnishings usually sell quicker and sell for more.
  2. Additional Storage Space – Bathrooms can feel cramped and overrun very quickly – especially with older features. Newer bathrooms being designed by our teams have your best storage in mind so you can easily tuck supplies away and out of sight. This also keeps countertops tidy and clean.
  3. Energy Efficiency – Installing energy efficient products and materials can help save money on heating, water, and energy.
  4. A Fresh Start – Sometimes all you really need is a fresh start in your home. Styles change over time and you may end up hating getting ready in the morning. A bathroom doesn’t have to be a hated space. It can become your new getaway with the right enhancements.
  5. Relaxation – Many outdated bathrooms have cracks, crevices, odd nooks and crannies and products that leak. A new upgrade ensures you have properly functioning areas and luxury items like smart bathroom technology, heated flooring, calm colors, and so much more. Make your bathroom your new getaway.
Bathroom Design Ideas: Everything You Need to Know

Where Do You Begin With Bathroom Design Ideas?

It’s tough to know where to start with a bathroom remodel considering all the elements that make up such a complex space. Think about your daily getting-ready routine and you’ll soon realize how much you actually use the powder room for.

To get you started on the right foot, here are some important considerations:

  1. Find Inspiration for Your Overall Vision – You have a lot of decision to make, so start with the big picture. Write out what you currently have in your space, what you’d like to see change with a bathroom redesign, and find what inspires you. It helps to bring lists and priorities to your designers so they can work efficiently with your timeline.
  2. Be practical in thinking about how you use your space – Don’t add details or features you won’t need or don’t have the budget for. Start simple and build from there.
Bathroom Design Ideas: Everything You Need to Know
  1. Establish a budget and include what works for you – Again, don’t get too hasty when dreaming about your remodel. Start with the basics that will make your space functional and add only the luxuries that will help you love where you live.
  2. Talk about your features – There are many materials and features to think through:
  • Layout
  • Vanities
  • Shower space
  • Bathtubs
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Mirrors/Bath Accessories
  • Lighting or Ventilation
  • Cabinet Hardware
  • Paint or Wallcovering
  • Storage
Bathroom Design Ideas: Everything You Need to Know

How Much to Expect in Bathroom Remodel?

One of the most common questions our clients ask us about when it comes to remodeling is the budget. However, with each home being different and needing different updates, it’s nearly impossible to give a set figure on what a renovation should cost.

First, consider how long you intend to stay in your home. If you think you’ll be selling within the next five years, you’ll want to look at any improvements as an investment.

However, if you’re planning on staying in your current home for longer, choose updates that will make you happiest and make your life easier.

bathroom remodel calculator

According to Remodeling Magazine, the average budget for an upscale bathroom renovation is about $63,000. Understanding how much a project will cost will help determine the scope of the project and whether or not financing is needed. Learn more about the cost of remodeling your bathroom, then check out our bathroom remodel calculator to help determine your budget.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Everything You Need to Know

The Need-to-Know Basics of Showers and Tubs

Whether your day starts in the shower or ends in the bath, both are places to get clean, rest, and relax. If you’re going to use your shower or bath every day, shouldn’t it be a feature you love?

Concerning showers…

The latest luxurious shower updates combine function and luxury to create the feeling of a spa right inside your bathroom. Do you want a spacious shower? Dual shower heads? Shower seating? Or a steam shower? All great questions to ask yourself before diving into your bath remodel.

  • Spacious Showers – One of the most popular shower trends is removing the tub/shower combo in favor of an extra spacious shower. Many homeowners love the extra room and luxury. If your bathtub doesn’t get much use, consider converting to a roomy shower.
  • Dual Shower Heads – Another great feature are dual shower heads. We often combine two different types of shower heads to create a completely immersive experience. These shower heads can be installed on the side and above or on opposite sides for complete and total coverage.
  • Shower Seating – If you’re going to take the time to enjoy your shower, why not sit down and relax? More and more showers are including a built-in bench for seating. Seating is great for unwinding, and a nice feature for kids or older adults who might benefit from a seat for balance.

But don’t forget about your shower doors! Traditional, modern, frameless, semi-frameless, and even no threshold doors are all great options.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Everything You Need to Know

Concerning tubs…

Anyone else love a good soaking tub after a long day?

If you have been pondering the idea of replacing your current tub in your bath renovation, knowing the basic bathtub options is good place to start:

  • Freestanding – A freestanding tub is finished on all sides and able to stand alone. These are often more like furniture than an actual bathroom fixture, but function very normally.
  • Alcove – An alcove tub refers to the type of installation and is unfinished on three sides with the fourth side finished with a tub apron. The “alcove” section is installed with the three sides enclosed by a wall.
  • Drop-in – A drop-in tub is a tub you don’t need to place against a wall. You can simply place it inside the frame you have designed and built.
  • Corner – A corner tub looks exactly how it sounds and is commonly three or five-sided to fit snugly in the corner of a bathroom.

Each has their own pros and cons but no matter what you choose, make sure it’s something you’ll love.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Everything You Need to Know

Vanities 101: Designing the Right Vanity for You.

There are many features to consider when it comes to selecting a vanity for your remodel. Style, aesthetics, storage, function, materials, shape, and room size can all play a big factor when designing a vanity with cabinets for any bathroom in the house.

The three main types of vanities we install most often are:

  • Freestanding These are a great option for powder rooms (and other bathrooms) when space is limited. Available in several sizes, finishes, and styles, these units can fit into a variety of different spaces and designs. Some are offered with decorative and ornate details, while others are more streamline with open shelves & metallic features. Most of these vanities are offered as a package, complete with a countertop, sink, & hardware.
  • Floating These units are hung from the wall & allow for a completely open toe feel. To truly bring the look to life, under-cabinet strip lighting can be installed on the bottom of the cabinet box. Not only do the lights allow for the vanity to become a focal point, but they can serve as perfect night lights too.
  • Vanity Cabinet Most cabinet lines offer several different door/drawer configurations along with the ability to modify to the homeowner’s liking. These options are great if storage is important. In general, custom cabinetry is of higher quality than pre-fabricated freestanding units. These are just a few reasons why custom cabinets are most often designed in master bathrooms.

Remember, the main thing to consider when designing your vanity is your lifestyle—pick something that’s functional and something you’ll love.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Everything You Need to Know

A Simplified Guide to Bathroom Toilets

Shower, check. Vanity, check. Wall tile, check. Flooring, check. What’s left? Your toilet of course.

Your first decision when selecting a toilet is the toilet type, which is broken down by the flush method of the toilet:

  • Gravity Feed — This is the most common toilet out of the bunch—it uses gravity to flush down waste.
  • Pressure-Assisted — Known for its powerful flushing action—it uses pressurized air to flush down waste, although it’s much louder than the rest.
  • Dual-Flush — A mixture between gravity-feed and pressure-assisted toilets, its main benefit is water saving—you choose between half and full flushes.
  • Double-Cyclone — Relatively new technology that uses nozzles around the rim to provide a more efficient flush that’s good for water saving.

Depending on what type of toilet you chose (and your dimensional capabilities), the style of your toilet could be a one-piece, two-piece, or wall-hanging toilet with single-flush, double-flush, or even a smart toilet. Again, lifestyle should dictate what style and flushing technology is best for you.

Some toilet manufacturers offer customizable options such as color, bowl shape, toilet seat, trapway, and flush handle.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Everything You Need to Know

Top 5 Bathroom Remodel Flooring Options

Choosing bathroom flooring is a little different than choosing flooring for other parts of your house due to the larger amounts of water. If not selected carefully, it can quickly ruin the space and damage the floors. Here are the top five flooring options for your bathroom remodel:

1. Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

  • Pros: Cost effective, style and sizing options, most water resistant
  • Cons: Cold, can be slippery when wet

2. Vinyl Plank, or Tile

  • Pros: Style options, highly water resistant and durable
  • Cons: Transitioning to other floor surfaces

3. Natural Stone

  • Pros: Durable, stylish, great return on investment
  • Cons: Expensive, cold, can be slippery when wet
Bathroom Design Ideas: Everything You Need to Know

4. Engineered Wood

  • Pros: Looks like real wood, holds up to moisture
  • Cons: Not nearly as water resistant as other options

5. Laminate Flooring

  • Pros: Very durable, easy to clean
  • Cons: Hardly water resistant

Looking for more on flooring in and throughout the rest of your home? Check out our flooring guide to learn more.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Everything You Need to Know

How Virtual Reality Could Solve Your Bathroom Remodel Anxiety

Remember the days when you were limited to dreaming about what your bathroom remodel might look like, only to be let down by your own imagination once it’s actually finished?

Thanks to Virtual Reality (VR), those days are all but gone.

VR is transforming the home remodel process by eliminating the gap between your imagination and the space you’re remodeling.

What does that mean for you?

Check out the tools ACo uses to make it happen.

Using VR technology, you can experience an immersive, 3D rendering of your home remodel before construction even begins. Now, you can see how everything in your remodel—the walls, ceilings, kitchen, bathrooms, floors, furniture, and lighting—aesthetically interacts to ensure your new design meets all of your needs, removing surprises down the road and helping manage costs.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Everything You Need to Know


Are you ready to tackle a home improvement project and seeing your bathroom design ideas some to life? ACo is here to help.

Using video conferencing, in home measuring apps, virtual reality, and even our flooring visualizer, our designers will guide you through design and installation of your project from afar.

Love Where You Live

At ACo, we want you to love where you live. That is our promise to you, and it guides everything we do.

Implementing bathroom design ideas can be daunting, but we are here to help! We guide you through our simple approach – The ACo Way – to ensure a worry-free new bathroom experience that allows you to love where you live.

Our cultivated team of experts, specializing in everything from design to construction, partner with you through every step of your project. Through open communication and well-defined expectations, we help you manage the emotional rollercoaster.

Get started on your new bathroom project with ACo. Connect with us for a complimentary in-home design consultation, or visit our one-stop shop at our showroom + design studio.

When you’re ready to love where you live with a luxurious kitchen, lavish bath, beautiful cabinets, or stunning flooring space, we’re ready to make it happen.

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