Bathroom Flooring: Get the Look of Real Stone with COREtec Stone

Bathroom Flooring: Get the Look of Real Stone with COREtec Stone

Natural stone is an ever-popular, always-elegant choice when it comes to bathroom flooring – as well as a heavy, expensive, and labor-intensive one. COREtec Stone is an innovative line that captures the aesthetic appeal of natural stone, all while providing a host of benefits in its own right.

Choosing COREtec Stone for Your Bathroom Flooring

You have visions and goals for your home improvement projects; COREtec Stone can help you accomplish them – flawlessly. The LVT (luxury vinyl tile) product features an embossed thermo-resin layer for exquisite realism, integrated, trouble-free grout lines, rigid mineral core and cork underlayment, and scratch-proof protective coating. From top to bottom, these tiles are built for simplicity, durability, and livability.

What visions and goals can COREtec help you achieve?

● Cost Management. There is no doubt that natural stone is gorgeous. And no doubt that it’s expensive and labor-intensive to install. COREtec allows for easy installation (within a day, you can be walking on and enjoying your new bathroom floor) and fewer materials, both of which reduce your costs. As ACo Design and Sales expert Jeffrey Tabler says, “If you’re on a bit of a tighter budget but want the look of stone, I can get you there with this product.”

This gives you the flexibility to determine where you want to save and where you want to splurge. Whether it’s an envy-inducing wet room or a chef-worthy kitchen, lowering costs on your bathroom flooring without sacrificing quality or longevity allows you to focus on priorities that are more important to you.

● Waterproofing and Durability. This is obviously a huge plus when it comes to bathroom flooring. Thanks to the newly developed rigid core, COREtec is not only waterproof, but crack- and indentation-proof as well. In contrast to natural stones like marble, which can dent or pit, your LVT is impervious to many household “oops” situations!

● Warmth. COREtec won’t give you the cold shoulder when you step into your bathroom during the chillier months. You also have the option to install a heated floor system, which provides an even more cozy, luxurious experience.

● Style Sure, side-by-side you can see the difference between COREtec and natural stone – but that does not detract from its elegance and the charm it possesses in its own right. We love how COREtec puts it: “We didn’t try to emulate stone. We emulated the way you live.” In addition to the strength, durability, and insulation we have discussed, this remarkable LVP is made with exacting attention to detail and the most advanced printing techniques and materials on the market. There is a wide array of options to ensure you find the right “fit” for your bathroom – and your life.

● Versatility. COREtec can also accommodate needs beyond the bathroom floor. There is no reason why you cannot extend the material up walls or use it to create an eye-catching backsplash for the sink/vanity area.

● Ease of Maintenance. If you want to spend more time loving where you live and less time cleaning it, COREtec has you covered. A simple untreated dust mop or broom is enough to remove dirt, grit, and grime. For a deeper clean, use a pH neutral cleanser (no floor polish or detergents, and avoid vacuums with rotating beater bars and steam mops).

COREtec Stone is a budget-friendly bathroom flooring option that neither looks nor feels “budget-friendly.” The brand sought to “emulate the way you live,” and they have done this in creating a solution that is strong, durable, easy to install, and will provide years of stylish life for you and your family.

Join ACo designers as they discuss COREtec and other hot 2022 bathroom trends.

COREtec for Your Home

COREtec is a leader in LVT and LVP (luxury vinyl plank) flooring. In addition to their Stone collection, they offer the following lines:

● Original. This product line boasts COREtec’s ingenuity and innovation, delivering all the benefits in a range of styles/colors.

● Advanced+. With a 15-year scratch warranty, Advanced+ lives up to the innovation, engineering, and protection we expect from COREtec.

● Pro. This is a great product for high traffic areas and even commercial use. It is dimensionally stable, will not expand or contract, and delivers exceptional dent- and impact-resistance.

● Wood. If you love the beauty of hardwoods but don’t love what happens when they are exposed to moisture and humidity, the engineered wood collection is a terrific option.

● Floor Cleaner. To take the guesswork out of cleaning and maintenance, COREtec also offers Encore. The pH neutral cleaner delivers a deep, fresh, sparkling clean for your floors.

Is COREtec Stone the right solution for your bathroom flooring goals? The ACo team is happy to discuss your project, ideas, and visions. Connect with us at https://liveaco.com/contact/.


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