Q: We recently moved into a new home. We love everything about the master bathroom, except for limited storage factor. We have a pedestal sink and a small vanity. What suggestions do you have?


A: Keeping everything organized in the bathroom can be a difficult task, particularly if it has limited storage space to begin with. But don’t worry. All you need is a little creative thinking to get around those pesky storage capacity problems. Here are a few creative storage solutions that will definitely de-clutter your bathroom and maximize storage space.

Back-of-the-door Storage: Use the backs of cabinet doors to attach shallow caddies or hooks, perfect for storing small toiletries. Or if your bathroom doesn’t have any cabinets, you can use the back of the bathroom door instead.

Use Corners: Don’t let your valuable corner space go to waste. A small stand in the corner can hold your soaps and hand towels while still adding to the décor of the bathroom.

Tall Shelving or Storage Towers: If you are struggling with limited storage, height can be your friend. Tall shelves or storage towers provide more storage while taking up less floor space.

Freestanding Storage: If you have space, a freestanding cabinet or hutch could provide you the storage capacity you’ve been wanting. Get creative by repurposing an old dining room hutch or finding a piece of unfinished cabinetry at a home center. A colorful or unique freestanding piece can add a little style to your bathroom while providing a great deal of storage space.

Wall Storage: Usually bathrooms have more wall space than other rooms in the house because they have fewer windows. Take advantage of this wall space by hanging wall cabinets or shelves. You can even install shelves next to vanity mirrors, above toilets or beside pedestal sinks.

Peg Rails: Hang towels, small containers or caddies on pegs. Shallow shelves can also be installed above the peg rails for extra storage capabilities.

Do some research and figure out spots where you can increase storage without affecting the functionality of your bathroom. It always feels great to start the day by getting ready in a clutter-free bathroom.


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