Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathrooms

Q: What are some ideas for bathroom vanities for smaller bathrooms?

A: Your bathroom may be incomplete without a proper bathroom vanity. A well-chosen vanity gives the bathroom a beautiful look apart from providing storage space. You can find four different types of bathroom vanity varieties.


  • Mounted—like medicine cabinets.
  • Open Shelves—either with corner shelving or a surface mounted one.
  • Over the Toilet—this is great if you’re looking for extra space.
  • Closet type—which can be used as linen closets; you can find both freestanding types standing next to the sink and built in types with various storage options.

Small bathrooms are usually the norm in apartments and half baths are pretty common in homes. When you don’t seem to have enough space to fit more than a toilet, sink and mirror, what you might want to do is to consider a vanity. Two of the most popular types are:


  1. Vanity cabinets—These have the traditional look and feel and give a formal look to your bathroom. 
  2. European style cabinets: These are frameless vanity cabinets and are often the go-to for more modern styled bathrooms. In addition, the hinges on this style are hidden for a more seamless look.

Sometimes the best solution for finding that perfect vanity or that final touch to your bathroom is looking through a gallery of great bathrooms. Check out a few of our favorites:






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