Q. It’s time to install new flooring in my entire house. I’ve always had carpet but I now want to switch to hardwood. What do I need to know?


A. Both hardwood and carpet flooring have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Different lifestyles require different materials depending on the design, durability, comfort and price. Here are a few pros and cons of hardwood flooring to help you decide if it truly is the right choice for you.


Beauty: Hardwood is known to add to the beauty of a room. This type of flooring is typically of known to be higher end and is also more durable.

: Being very soft and buffering in nature, carpet is extremely comfortable for people who are on their feet for long hours. It also maintains heat especially in colder environments. Hardwood, on the other hand, can be colder and draftier especially in older homes.

Dust & Allergies
: Hardwood doesn’t hide harmful particles and attracts a lot less dust and allergen. Carpet attracts all sorts of dust, fluff, mildew, pollen and mold, having a bad effect on people working or living in that place. Hardwood is much better than carpet for people with allergies.


Maintenance: Hardwood flooring tends to not get damaged even in high traffic areas and proves to be very resistant to stains and spills. On the other hand, carpet has the tendency to deteriorate with the more traffic it sees. It is difficult to repair a carpet. So replacement tends to be the only solution.

: Many people feel that carpets require intensive cleaning.  Even with regular care, the stains, dust and grime find their way in and it’s a one-way street. Hardwood, by contrast, has a surface that can be wiped off easily. It does not have any hidden space for dirt or dust. A routine sweep and mopping of the floors will keep it clean.

: Generally, hardwood floors cost more than carpet, but with the proper maintenance they are an investment for the home. Even though carpets are much cheaper in price, removing it can be considered an additional expense for new homeowners.



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