The Benefits to Wool Carpeting

Q. Why are more people choosing to use wool carpet vs. other carpet options?

A. Wool carpet is often deemed “premier carpet.” This is because it is composed of natural fibers which make it highly strong and durable, and which allow the carpets to hold their appearance for longer periods of time. Let’s have a look at comparisons of wool carpet with other carpet options.

Wool vs. Nylon Carpeting

      Both wool and nylon have unique positives. It is important to determine which suits your lifestyle from the two.

      Wool has natural oils that make it resistant to soiling and stain, whereas nylon carpet manufacturers use a special chemical to make it resistant to soil and stain.

      Due to natural compression edges in wool, it becomes extremely resilient, whereas nylon fibers need to be woven to add a good resiliency.

      The modern manufacturers make both wool and nylon carpets resistant to fading.

      Wool is softer as compared to nylon.

      Since wool is a luxurious fiber, it can cost 20 to 50% more than nylon.

Wool vs. Polypropylene Carpeting

      Polypropylene carpets are a less-expensive version of wool carpets and possess better stain-resistance, resiliency and abrasion resistance.

      Polypropylene carpets have limited color options in comparison to wool. Wool is available in beautiful and rich colors.

      Polypropylene carpets are ideal for high traffic areas, particularly: family rooms, basements and outdoor areas; whereas wool is ideal for less traffic areas but adds to the pride of the home.

Wool vs. Polyester Carpeting

      Polyester carpets pile and shed fibers, whereas wool carpets will never crush with time.

      Polyester carpets are cheap, whereas you will have to pay a high price tag for wool.

      Polyester carpets hold vibrant colors brilliantly but do not have the resiliency to bounce back like wool.

      Polyester carpets cannot match the durability of wool.

Undoubtedly, wool is considered to be the best choice for carpeting in most homes. The material choice in carpets usually depends upon your lifestyle and budget flexibility.


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