The Best Place to Put a Microwave

Q. Where’s the best place to put a microwave?

A. Most of the time, finding a place for the microwave drives homeowners crazy.  It’s not an appliance which you can put in just any place.

The first step is to determine your requirements for the size and function of the microwave.  Microwaves come in various heights, widths and depths. Depth is a crucial dimension because it can be an issue in case you are planning to integrate the microwave in wall cabinetry. Apart from depth, height also plays an important role, particularly if the microwave requires a trim kit.

Microwave drawers are another functional design gaining popularity. They are situated just below the countertop, and are often chosen because they do not interrupt the flow of upper cabinetry with a bulky appliance.

Below the microwave placement options have been discussed in detail:

Countertop or Built-In

Microwaves with the countertop model can be placed on the counter or opening of a cabinetry. On the downside, the countertop’s placements can occupy good amount of work space.

Over the range

Kitchens with less space can make use of this arrangement. The over-the-range microwaves come with light and ventilation for the range below.

Build around cabinetry

Move the microwave from the work surface by create an opening within cabinetry. Make sure the microwave fights seamlessly into the space for a streamlined look.

Add a trim kit

Just like building cabinetry around the microwave, this arrangement is finished with a trim kit that allows you to disguise small gaps and allow for an integrate look. You can obtain a trim look for your microwave from most manufacturers or other suppliers.

Install a drawer

Another solution is to install a drawer-style microwave either in an island or below the countertop. This placement offers easy access and frees the counter work space.

Hide behind a door

Hide the microwave behind the door where it blends with the other cabinetry when not in use. This solution will help you keep your countertop free from the microwave.





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