Bring Your Home Up-to-Date with this Year’s Color Trends

Q: I’m searching for a fast way to catch attention and bring out the best colors in my house. What are the top trends in color to follow this year?

A: Go from drab to dynamic in just days with these hot color trends.

The colors

Without a doubt today’s popular color trends reflect the warmth and beauty of nature – with a touch of elegance.  Blue Iris, Caribbean Sea and Ochre are a few of the new offerings to be found on this year’s palette.  Close behind is green – in fact, green is so popular it is considered by many to be the new “neutral” color to be used in almost any setting. Search for natural hues reminiscent of flora and fauna tones.

The style

One of the newest color trends isn’t the color itself but rather the location of color usage. Painted ceilings, floors and even cabinets are rapidly transforming ordinary rooms into extraordinary settings.  Solve common design dilemmas by strategically using color to draw the eye upward or outward for narrow rooms or other common conditions.

The future

When it comes to trends, knowing what is “out” is nearly as important as spotting the next big thing. While you might be able to get away with a shade of green that is a little different than this year’s selection, some colors are a pure liability. Make it a priority to paint if your home is still sporting pastels from the 90s, brown/beige combos from the 80s, or (gasp!) avocado green and harvest gold from the 70s.


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