Q: I recently moved into a new home and the storage in the kitchen is horrible! I am having difficulty getting to my pots and pans, and think I have too few drawers. What are some trends you are seeing that are available in the cabinet world? I definitely need some help.

A: Cabinetry functionality can make or break a kitchen. Cluttered and overcrowded cabinets are such a pain to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Luckily, there are a few solutions that can revolutionize the organizational flow of your kitchen.

First off, for storing large items like pots and pans, consider replacing some of your current base cabinets with cabinets that have large drawers. Drawers have been growing in popularity as a space-saving kitchen cabinetry piece due to the fact that nearly every inch of the space is usable. Many drawers come equipped with pegs that keep dishes from sliding around when the drawer is opened or closed. In addition to storing pots and pans, cabinet drawers are the perfect way to store cleaning supplies, snacks, appliances and more.

Another trend is extra-tall wall cabinets. Many people are installing cabinets that run all the way up to the ceiling, thus having more storage space. This type of cabinetry is especially useful if you have a lot of fine china or specialty dishes that are only used once in a while. Trust us – you would be pleasantly surprised by how much extra storage a few more inches of cabinets would bring you!

Depending upon what type of cabinetry you are installing, you may have many options beyond the standard Lazy Susan to meet your storage needs. Simple roll out trays can make a big difference in the storage capacity of your cabinet, helping you to reach items at the back of the cabinet. There are all kinds of interesting slide-out spice racks, recycling/trash pull outs, appliance garages, and more that are readily available in today’s market. If you would like more information or help choosing cabinetry that will improve the functionality of your kitchen, don’t hesitate to contact ACo. We would love to hear from you!


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