Cabinet Lighting Adds Elegance & Practicality

Cabinet Lighting Adds Elegance & Practicality

Ready to light up your home?

Adding thoughtful cabinet lighting to your kitchen, bath, or other spaces creates a truly unique, and simply stunning, look. At ACo, we love under-shelf/cabinet, in-cabinet, and puck lighting for cabinets. They add tremendous functionality and style to your kitchen, while offering a host of benefits. Cabinet lighting is:

  • Efficient. You do not have to light up an entire room to search for your cookbook or find that midnight snack. And, if you use LED lights, you’ll save even more.
  • Easy… Cabinets are a significant investment in the practicality and enjoyment of your home. Installing lighting is a relatively easy, quick job that will yield exceptional results. You don’t have to undertake a major remodel as you might with pendant and recessed lighting.
  • …And Easy on the Wallet. Installing cabinet lighting is a budget-friendly upgrade that more than pays for itself in style!
  • Illuminating! Ok, so this is a given! But cabinet lighting makes it easier to locate key ingredients for your latest culinary masterpiece, your favorite coffee mug, and other must-have items located at the back of the cabinet.
  • Elegant. Practicality is important; but you should also love where you live. Cabinet lighting allows you to accentuate the beauty of your items displayed in glass-fronted cabinets without creating a reflective glare. With a streamlined design, you won’t see the lighting components, just your precious keepsakes or gorgeous stemware.

Where can you use cabinet lighting? Wherever you have cabinets! They are especially useful in the kitchen for the reasons mentioned above, but don’t be afraid to install them in your bathroom, display cases, and hutches. You’ll add a touch of elegance that’s perfectly balanced with practicality.

Inspiration for A Beautifully Illuminated Home

Now it’s time to bring the beauty and benefits of in- and under-cabinet lighting to the nuts and bolts of integrating these features into your kitchen. No one executes elegant, efficient, and practical lighting solutions more effectively than Häfele and Hardware Resources.


Internationally renowned Häfele believes that “light is a fundamental part of life, one that noticeably affects our well-being.” It’s no surprise, then, that their lighting products are meticulously designed to maximize the benefits to our homes – not to mention our minds!

Häfele’s line of LED under-cabinet lights are kitchen staples that offer exceptional versatility. Not only do they provide low-heat emission, industry-leading

longevity, and discrete designs, Häfele also makes it easy to create ambience. You can, for example, seamlessly light work areas to allow for precision slicing and dicing while softly illuminating decorative elements for a space that is as sophisticated as it is functional.

With available features such as easy-to-use plug-in components, wide angle beams, focused spotlights, integrated switches that turn on or off when cabinets are opened and closed, motion detector switches, and more, Häfele is ready to shine a light on the heart of your home.

Want to make your kitchen even more user-friendly? Look at Häfele’s lighting and electrical fittings. From pop-up power stations and wire management trays to docking drawers and power/data modules, you can make smart (and easy) upgrades to your home.

Hardware Resources

Hardware Resources manufacturers an impressive line of products for cabinets, bath, and closets. Like Häfele, they excel in creating functional products that are streamlined and elegant. One of our favorites is their flexible LED sheet lighting solutions. Ideal for in-cabinet applications (as well as under translucent countertops, behind artwork/mirrors, and as a surround for pillars and other architectural features), sheet lighting is flexible and completely customizable.

Sheet lighting is easily cut and mounted, and you can quickly enjoy lighting that is ultra-efficient, generates virtually no heat, and fits your kitchen like it was tailor-made for it. This lighting is also dimmable so you can find the perfect fit for everything from prepping food to enjoying it in a cozy, intimate setting.

Explore the Possibilities

Cabinets are one of the most important elements in your home. Increase their usefulness, convenience, and style with discrete lighting. We are happy to help you explore your options and make the right selection for your needs.

ACo wants you to love where you live. Take our quiz and find out how you can enjoy it even more!


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