Q: My kitchen really needs some new cabinets. Where should I start when shopping for new cabinetry?

A: Deciding on new cabinets can be a little overwhelming because there are so many different styles, finishes, sizes and embellishments to choose from. So, to make things a little easier, allow me take you through Cabinetry 101.

There are three basic types of cabinetry: stock, semi-custom and custom. Stock cabinets are pre-constructed cabinets that come in standard sizes and shapes. They are the most inexpensive type of cabinetry and can be delivered and installed quickly. This makes stock cabinets great for remodelers on a limited budget. Stock cabinetry is limited to a select number of premade options, which means that your choices are reduced.

If you’d like a little bit more customization, semi-custom cabinets might be the answer. Semi-custom cabinets allow homeowners to select from a more flexible array of sizes, colors and styles. The variable sizes make it easier for the cabinetry to fit the specific dimensions of the room. Semi-custom models often have more enhancements that can be incorporated into the cabinets (such as a lazy susan and vertical dividers), which means increased functionality. Since they are customized, these cabinets will take longer to be delivered and cost more than stock cabinets.

And finally, the type of cabinetry that offers the most flexibility and design options is custom cabinetry. Custom cabinets are made by hand and can be crafted to fit any space perfectly. Because a custom cabinetmaker starts from scratch, they can build each piece any way that you’d like. Color, size, material and finishes are all up to you. But, keep in mind that custom cabinetry is the most expensive of the three options.

Before starting any new home improvement projects, the first step is reviewing and measuring the space you’d like to renovate. That will give you a good idea of what style of cabinetry will work best in the room. And remember, ACo collaborates with several different partners to help our customers find the cabinet option that fits best their needs and budget.


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