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Our Response to COVID-19: ACo Health & Sanitation Policy

Cabinets for Your Home: Everything You Need to Know

Cabinets for Your Home: Everything You Need to Know

Cabinets Rundown: What You Should Know for Your Remodel.


Cabinet Terminology

Before you even think about choosing cabinets or going any further in this guide, stop what you’re doing and brush up on your cabinetry lingo—for it is the key to selecting the right cabinets for you and your home.

Cabinets for Your Home: Everything You Need to Know

Exploring the three levels of cabinetry.

Now that you’re fluent in cabinetry, let’s talk about the three levels of cabinetry customization. It’s important to know these three levels because each range significantly in style and in cost, which is likely to affect your decision making down the road.

1. Stock Cabinets

Stock cabinets are our most affordable option. Stock cabinets are produced in a pre-determined size, making them less expensive than custom or semi-custom. Within stock cabinets you have some different options as far as style and materials, but your choices are limited to what is available. That being said, stock is a great choice if you’re looking for affordable, quality cabinets. Here are some stock cabinet vendors we regularly work with:

  • Quality Cabinets
  • Merrillat

2. Semi-Custom Cabinets

Semi-custom cabinets combine some of the best elements of both stock and fully custom cabinetry. Like stock cabinets, semi-custom cabinets are manufactured, making them a more affordable alternative to custom.

However, semi-custom cabinets give you more options and allow you to choose certain features such as custom sizing and applications. We regularly partner with these vendors for semi-custom cabinets:

  • Medallion Cabinetry
  • Bellmont Cabinets
  • Mid Continent Cabinetry

3. Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are our most expensive option, but they also provide the most flexibility. You have complete control of everything, from type of wood to stain color to size to finish. Custom cabinets are a sizable investment, but choosing this option really adds value to your home and makes your kitchen something special.

ACo’s custom cabinets are handcrafted in Indiana by skilled Amish artisans. Learn more about our custom cabinet maker:

Cabinets for Your Home: Everything You Need to Know

The basic choices you need to make when it comes to cabinets.

Cabinet Construction

Generally speaking, there are two different ways cabinets can be constructed: framed cabinet boxes and frameless cabinet boxes—framed cabinet boxes being the most common and simpler compared to frameless which is more modern and provides more storage space.

Types of Doors

There three common types of cabinet doors: partial overlay, full overlay, and inset.

Just as the name suggest, partial overlay doors partially overlap the face frame of the cabinet box—probably the most common and economical of the three.

Full overlay covers nearly the entire face frame of the cabinet, creating a cleaner and more high-end design.

Instead of resting atop the face frame, inset doors fit inside the cabinet box creating a clean, flush look.

Door Styles

Once the construction and door sizes have been selected, it’s time to start exploring the different door styles available. And the three most common we see are flat panel, recessed panel, and raised panel.

Flat panel or slab doors are more modern in design—seamless and simplistic.

On a recessed panel door, a raised border is created around a flat or recessed center panel—it’s clean and minimal in details.

The center panel on a raised cabinet door is raised from the rest of the floor—most traditional in design.

Cabinets for Your Home: Everything You Need to Know

What you need to know about kitchen cabinets.

There’s two things we’ve learned when it comes to kitchen cabinets. One, fresh, new cabinets can single-handedly transform the look and feel of a kitchen. And two, the sheer amount of kitchen cabinet choices can make your head spin.

A bad set of cabinets can suck the life right out of your kitchen while great kitchen cabinets really add to its function. And it all starts by learning the types of cabinets as well as the pros and cons, and seeing some examples to inspire you on your kitchen cabinet quest:

Cabinets for Your Home: Everything You Need to Know

How virtual reality could solve your cabinet conundrum.

Remember the days when you were limited to dreaming about what your new cabinets might look like, only to be let down by your own imagination once it’s actually finished?

Thanks to Virtual Reality (VR), those days are all but gone.

VR is transforming the home remodel process by eliminating the gap between your imagination and the space you’re remodeling.

What does that mean for you?

Using VR technology, you can experience an immersive, 3D rendering of your home remodel before construction even begins. Now, you can see how everything in your remodel—the cabinets, walls, kitchen, floors, furniture, and lighting—aesthetically interacts to ensure your new design meets all of your needs, removing surprises down the road and helping manage costs.

Check out the tools ACo uses to make it happen.

Cabinets for Your Home: Everything You Need to Know


Are you ready to tackle a home improvement project while practicing social distancing, but aren’t sure where to start? ACo is here to help. Using video conferencing, in home measuring apps, virtual reality, and even our flooring visualizer, our designers will guide you through design and installation of your project from afar.

Building a home or remodeling one is a giant undertaking. The sheer amount of choices and decisions you have to make can be frustrating and overwhelming, to say the least.

That’s where ACo comes in—we strive to put homeowners at ease by simplifying the remodel process and in turn eliminating the fear of the unknown.

And it starts with our worry-free approach.

Our cultivated team of experts, specializing in everything from design to construction, partner with you through every step of the renovation process (including the design and build and finding your style). And through constant, open communication, clear deliverables, and well-defined expectations, we guide you through the creation of your luxurious kitchen, lavish bath, beautiful cabinets, or stunning flooring space so you and your family can truly love where they live.

And when you’re ready to love where you live, we’re ready to make it happen.

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