Choosing the Color For Cabinets and Appliances

Choosing the Color For Cabinets and Appliances

Q: I’m torn between the sleek look of stainless steel and the clean lines and look of all white. What other facts should I consider in making my decision for my kitchen?

 A. Many homeowners in the US love the look and feel of stainless steel because of its sleekness, though white appliances overseas are very popular and slowly becoming more popular in the States.

Some kitchen designers actually recommend using white appliances in a kitchen with white cabinetry as a way to add flow to the space—particularly important if you have a smaller kitchen. And if you’re going white, you’ll notice that the white has actually improved quite a bit. White once meant textured plastic, but now you can find smooth and glossy white surfaces. Some other positives about white:

  • Everything matches white!
  • White can make your kitchen pop.
  • White can help make the space that it takes up appear lighter in volume.
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Stainless steel appliances, on the other hand, are still very popular for their professional, classy feel, and there are plenty of cabinet, flooring, countertops that they pair nicely with. Due to the color, your stainless steel appliances are often best paired with black, which reads darker. Here are a few other positives about stainless steel you might consider:

  • Sleek and simple yet tough and durable
  • Metal is reflective so it can echo the look of surrounding material
  • They come in every shape and size (can openers, stoves, microwaves, stainless steel can be found on nearly any kitchen utensil)
  • It’s what the professional chefs use! Many homeowners want to imitate the look of the gourmet chef’s kitchen and stainless steel creates a luxurious and special feel.
  • It’s likely not a fad—stainless steel is sure to be popular 10 years down the road.
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