Completing Your Bathroom Renovation Quickly

Q. I’ve been remodeling my bathroom on and off for about 6 months. By now, I am tired of seeing the unfinished mess. What tips can you give me for completing my bathroom in a quick amount of time?


A. In general your bathroom and kitchen are the places in our home that should be kept in good condition for comfortable living. They affect our way of life in the biggest way.  Although bathroom remodeling can be one of the most rewarding, there are many obstacles to first over come before achieving your dream remodel. Here is a checklist for your bathroom transformation project to help you stay on track:


Budget:  Set up a budget. Doing this will help you to make decisions and narrow down your focus. If it’s not in the budget, it’s not happening.


Time: People sometimes think remodeling a bathroom will only take a couple of days or weeks, tops. By setting a timeline you will be able to schedule all the various tasks like ordering and purchasing tiles, fixtures, cabinets or vanity and so forth.  By planning ahead and working on a timeline you can ensure all your fixtures get to you on time.


Work in a sequence: To save yourself from mistakes and clean-ups, try to complete the tasks in a specific sequence. Always start from the top of the room by first remodeling the ceiling and light fixtures, gradually moving on to the walls and finally the floor. You can create this sequence as you plan your timeline.


Latent Defect: Depending on how old your home may be, you might encounter hidden problems like structural deficiencies, improper vented plumbing, water damage, old corroded plumbing, etc. Finding these possible problems ahead of time would be beneficial in the reconstruction plans. Create a plan of attack and look for these latent defects. This way you have a plan in mind when and if they occur.


Choose a design: While considering the look for your bathroom there are many factors including tile choices, paint color, tubs, showers, vanities, etc. We, of course, can help you with these various design choices. However, by beginning with your own research you can start to discover what appeals to you most. Try checking out Pinterest or Houzz. These are great online tools to help with design inspiration.


Know the measurements: For every bathroom there are 3 major size limitations when it comes to remodeling – the entire size of the bathroom, location of existing electric wiring and plumbing, and dimensions of the fixtures. Know the correct measurements and specifications before you buy.


Hire/Talk to an expert: Given the complexity of the task, getting insight from the experts would be the smartest thing to do. We can help you save time and elevate the stress that comes with home construction.


Complete walls and flooring: An incomplete and uneven bathroom floor can cause slippery and water drainage problems. If you want to complete the walls and flooring quickly, choose waterproof material with either a natural or sealed finish. Always keep in mind that your bathroom floor should be durable and slip-resistant. Get this big step out of the way first!


Good luck!



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