Connecting in the Kitchen – 6 Simple Tips

Connecting in the Kitchen – 6 Simple Tips

Naturally the kitchen is a space where we gather. We have all been there – cleaned the entire house, had the entire family room ready for guests and the majority end up in the kitchen. You might be wondering how you can take advantage of this natural connection place on a daily basis and ACo has some tips.

  1. Consider your working triangle between the kitchen, sink and stovetop. Ultimately this provides an efficiency while cooking, making the experience more enjoyable. If your kids love to participate, pull up their kitchen prep stool next to the sink and have them learn and enjoy cooking skills with you.
  2. If your child enjoys doing homework or chatting with you during dinner prep, plan to have countertop, bar top or banquette seating within the kitchen.connecting
  3. Although division is nice in some aspects of the home, the kitchen is the perfect space for a bright, open concept. When tidying up from a dinner party, guests can still visit with you while enjoying the Saturday night game in the family room.
  4. When the kids are not home from sports yet, but you’d like to keep dinner warm – this is the perfect opportunity for warming drawers. The appliances come in a variety of finishes to either be disguised or match your other appliance finishes.
  5. Natural light and neighborhood or outdoor views are always an asset in a home – this is no different in the kitchen. From watching your kids play outside to watching those potted herbs in the windowsill grow, windows are a wonderful addition to your kitchen.
  6. Ambient and task lighting can set the mood! So often forgotten, this important selection will complete your kitchen design. Morning or night, dimmers and under cabinet lighting will help the sleepy walk to the coffee pot or the calming dim of an island pendant will help you wash the last dish.

If you are ready to make those special memories and start connecting more with family and friends in the kitchen, be sure to keep your local kitchen and bath remodel company, ACo in mind. Simply put, they are experts at helping you “Love where you live.” Give ACo a call at 317-688-1872 or visit them online at liveaco.com to schedule your first design consultation.

by Courtney Walker


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