Consider the Advantages of Wood Countertops

Consider the Advantages of Wood Countertops

Q: Are wood countertops a good option for my kitchen?

A: Wood counter tops are actually a consistently good choice for the modern kitchen, and come with a variety of advantages. From aesthetics to durability, let ACo educate you on the best of wood and why it might be the right choice for your kitchen renovation project!


Imparting a warm, relaxing feeling, the wooden top is the natural complement of any solid wood or veneered cabinetry. With the ability to be stained in a wide variety of colors, wooden tops pair wonderfully with:  

  • Hardwood flooring

  • Moldings

  • Cornices

  • Mantels


A hardwood top is very easy to cut to templates and even easier to install. Wood tops have a minimum of chemical components, which make them extremely safe when in contact with foods. Additionally, any occurring scratch can be easily removed by sanding the area. Hardwood surfaces can be used as:

  • kitchen island tops

  • Inserted sink covers

  • Sections of countertop

  • Butcher block hidden under the countertop that can be pulled as drawer or cart


If properly sealed and installed, a wooden top can literally last a lifetime. Unlike marble, granite or tile, the wooden tops have a great shock absorbing capacity that further assures considerable life span.


Studies have shown that wood exhibits strong antibacterial properties. Bacterial populations disappear quite fast, without external intervention, making wooden cutting surfaces increasingly accepted as the first choice of health-conscious individuals.


Hardwood is less expensive than stone, granite, solid surface, tile or steel. Not only is wood a beautiful choice for your countertops, it is also a very cost-effective one.

Our experts at ACo can help you make the perfect choice for your kitchen. Visit our showroom today to see what we can do for you!



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