Q: “I am really into cooking and entertaining. What options might you suggest for sinks, ranges, and hoods?”

A: Cooking and entertaining can be a lot of work. But the right tools can make it easier to prepare, serve and clean up after meals. Whether you are a budding celebrity chef, or novice learning the basics, you will be happy to learn that a few additions to your kitchen can make a big difference when it comes to cooking.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink,” you know that a great deal of cooking revolves around the sink. Today, there are many innovative, state-of-the-art sinks available on the market. In the past, many standard sinks had two basins: one for cooking prep and one for soaking dishes. Now, almost every home comes equipped with an automatic dishwasher, so many cooks are opting for sinks with one oversized basin. Large dishes that still require hand washing like pots, pans or baking sheets can be washed easily in these deeper sinks. For homeowners facing limited counter-space, purchasing a “hidden sink” may be a great option. These sinks have a removable plate that fits over the basin. That way, the homeowner gets a bit of extra counter space when the sink is not in use.

Now that we’ve covered tools that will help with prep and cleanup, we can cover installations that help with the art of cooking itself.  It’s a good idea install a water source near your stovetop. With these conveniently located facets, you can fill pots with water right over the stove without having move to the sink. Speaking of stovetops, induction stoves are the newest innovation in cooking. Induction is a technology that uses a high frequency electromagnetic field to heat a pan without actually using a heat source. It sounds pretty space age, doesn’t it? Some induction ranges can boil water in less than three minutes. As for ovens, many cooks prefer to have multiple small, separate, even-heat ovens. That way, they can cook items requiring different temperatures at the same time.

Range hoods are necessary to vent smoke, airborne oils and steam out of your kitchen. All of these cooking byproducts can damage your home, which is why proper ventilation is necessary. Hoods can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or under a cabinet. The type of range hood you will need directly depends on the type of range you purchase, so feel free to talk to ACo about which ventilation system will be right for you.

I hope installing these items will inspire you to try new recipes in your kitchen. Happy cooking!


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