COVID Killer: Germicidal UVC Light Sterilization for Your Home and Business

The health and safety of your family, employees, and clients is a top priority. Maintaining a clean and sanitary home, office, or jobsite becomes even more challenging during a pandemic or even during the regular cold and flu season.

ACo is now offering the COVID Killer UVC Light Sterilization Service as part of our effort to help you keep your family or employees and clients healthy and happy.

UVC light is a known disinfectant for air, water, and nonporous surfaces. It has effectively been used for decades to reduce the spread of bacteria, such as tuberculosis. Whether it’s during or at the end of your project, in the case of a known or suspected exposure, or even as a recurring service for your business, the ACo team will use our COVID Killer UVC Light Sterilization to sanitize your space and give you peace of mind.



How It Works

Using high-energy, the short-wavelength UVC light will attack the cellular structure of disease-causing pathogens, damaging them and preventing reproduction and spread. The technology we use enables contactless rapid disinfection and does not leave behind chemical residues or VOCs.

Benefits of this service include:

  • 99.9%+ sterilization of a room, from top to bottom including the air, in about 20 minutes
  • Will NOT discolor fabrics or hard surface materials
  • Has an auto shutoff if human presence is detected
  • Does not require manual wipe down of anything the light touches
  • Requires no cleanup whatsoever

As a precautionary measure, ACo also uses this technology on a weekly basis in our Design Gallery Showroom at Hub & Spoke in Fishers to help keep viruses and pathogens at bay.

UVC Light Sterilization Service



$499   First Room
$199   Each Additional Room

Includes up to 400 square feet per room with up to 12-foot ceilings.

Pricing is subject to site visit and other fees may apply.


Connect with us to Schedule Service

Whether you are currently remodeling with us, have in the past, or you are a local business interested in our COVID Killer UVC Light Sterilization service, connect with ACo today for more information so that you can relax and rest assured that your home or business is safe.

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