Craft the Ultimate Home Bar

Craft the Ultimate Home Bar

After months of being cooped up inside, many homeowners are eager to go-out and enjoy an evening on the town with drinks and friends. But staying at home can be just as appealing when you have the ultimate home bar just steps away. Home bars have become increasingly popular and when designed with you in mind, can be just as good, if not better than going out (even if you don’t have a basement!). The devil is in the details. Below are our top 5 tips to craft the ultimate home bar, perfect for a fun night in 

Make it Fun! 

Home bars are meant to be a space for fun and entertainment, so why not make the design fun and entertaining too. Consider mimicking your home bar after theHome Bar design of your favorite local hangout, going speakeasy style, or connecting to your family roots. Your ultimate home bar might echo a sports bar with deep wood cabinetry, open liquor storage, and a large TV as a focal point, or go with dark speakeasy details such as a mirrored backsplash and chunky leather chairs.  

For a more sophisticated upscale look, consider more luxurious materials like stacked stone walls with closed cabinet storage, a back-lit countertop (come check out our showroom if you need a visual), & tufted oversized furniture.  

The ideas are endless!  

Make it Convenient! 

Every bar needs storage – for liquor & for bar utensils. When designing a bar, it is important to determine how it will be utilized. Is it simply a getaway spot for a nightcap or will it be the main room Home Barin a home for parties and get togethers? Not only will there need to be storage for your basic bar needs like glassware and bar utensils, but some homeowners may utilize the space as a second kitchen and will need more storage for plates & bowls & other eating utensils.  

Open storage, like glass holders & floating shelves, are perfect for large gatherings because it allows bartenders to easily have access to everything they need. If your space is more intimate, closed storage creates a more sophisticated and ritzier feel. 

*Bonus Design Tip* – Waste Baskets inside cabinets are perfect (and necessary) for any bar.  Not only is it functional, but it is also nice to have the garbage/recycling behind closed doors.  

When it comes to liquor storage – make sure to consider the bottle sizes. If the liquor collection is on display, be sure the shelving is spaced appropriately to accommodate all shapes and sizes of bottles and is structurally sound too. If liquor will be inside of a cabinet, consider accessories like roll outs for ease of reach. 

Make it Centrally Located! 

Whether it is the main hangout in the basement, in the corner of the living room or dining room, or tucked in a hallway nook, a home bar should be near anHome Bar entertaining space in your home with ample seating and should house nearly everything you need when it comes to entertaining. You do not want to be running from room to room to gather the materials you need to entertain; everything should be in one space. Not only is it more convenient, but it also allows the bartender to be part of the party too. 

Make Room for Appliances! 

Home BarIf space allows, pack the bar with appliances. Yes, appliances are big and bulky, but they are very convenient when it comes to storing & serving beverages. 

Wine coolers and bar refrigerators keep everything cool and save space in your kitchen refrigerator. Ice makers are convenient for serving drinks on the rocks, while kegerators are great when you entertain often, & bar sinks are perfect for clean-up.  

Make it Moody!

Lighting layering is everything when it comes to designing a bar. Have some ambient lighting to designate the bar area, use one type of light to highlight a focal point in the room and add task lighting to make serving drinks easy. Set the tone of the whole space by selecting a color of light deemed most appropriate for the mood of your bar and a complementary paint and décor scheme. 

Glass doors & in-cabinet lighting may be a perfect way to highlight the glassware stored inside of cabinetry. Strip lighting is great for open shelving to accentuate what is being displayed on the shelves. Adding backlit backsplashes, countertops, & even bars can be the perfect “wow” feature in any space.  

Do we have you thinking about designing your ultimate home bar nowConnect with ACo today for a complimentary in-home consultation and one of our talented designers will guide you through the process to a create a home bar you are sure to love.  


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