Creating Kitchen Space Without Losing Storage

Q. My family loves cooking together, but with my husband, our kids, and myself the kitchen can become cramped.  How can I make our kitchen bigger without losing the storage space I currently have? 

Regardless of the size of kitchen, high traffic can make it appear too small. Fortunately, it is possible to achieve a bigger kitchen without having to compromise with the storage space. Here are the few tips to help you get started.

1. Remove the wall: Create an open space by removing the wall between the kitchen and its adjoining room. It is a great way for the homeowners to use the space to create a bigger eating area.

2. Re-think floor: If possible, move your sink to a corner. It will allow for more food preparation on the unbroken counter space. If you have an eat-in kitchen, move out the tables and chairs and use counter-high chairs or stools instead. This arrangement allows you to prepare food while members in your family gather around.

3. New counter top: Considering the amount of people cooking together, a new counter top will make things much easier for you. Granite or quartz counter tops are easy to take care of and are extremely durable.

4. Remove: Clutter can majorly affect a well-functioning kitchen. Simply remove the excess and you’ll be amazed how much space your kitchen has to offer. Recycle or donate anything that has not been used for at least a year.

5. Rearrange: After de-cluttering your kitchen, make sure all the items have been arranged logically and work with your cooking flow. Make groups. Place together cooking oils and vinegars, spices and herbs, and so on. Area under the sink should never be overlooked and can be used to store hazardous materials and cleaning equipments.

6. Re-create: If you need more usable space, look for places that give an opportunity to organize stuff. These could be anything from the back of cupboard doors and the linen closet in the hallway, to the side of a microwave. You can use walls to hang serving plates and ceiling racks to hang pans.

7. Choose paint wisely: Even though having bright and bold colors in the kitchen can be a fun addition, a great way to make any room appear larger would be to settle for a paint color that is more neutral and light. Depending on your existing décor, colors like cream, pastel yellow, soft grey, or light blue will open up the space to make it appear bigger.


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