Custom Cabinets: Types of Construction

Custom Cabinets: Types of Construction

A cabinet is a cabinet, right? How hard could it be to select one? After all, it only holds your staples and essentials. Only helps organize and streamline your space. Only enhances your aesthetic, contributes to a cohesive design, and captures your unique sense of style. So… not just a cabinet!  

Custom cabinet types of construction vary, allowing you to select a product that will work ideally for your needs and goals.  

Custom Cabinets: Types of Construction 

Decisions, decisions! When it comes to cabinets, one of the most fundamental decisions to make is what type of construction you prefer for your space. If you’re thinking, “Huh? Types of construction? I thought I just had to pick colors…”, then you’re not alone! But remember, a cabinet isn’t just a cabinet. You can opt for: 

Inset Cabinets 

With this type of construction, the cabinet doors and door fronts are set into the box. Everything is clean and flush, which is why it is so popular with today’s homeowners. Amanda Wagoner, head of the CAD department at ACo, says, “It’s a classic look, one of those timeless styles that you don’t have to worry whether it’s trendy or not because it’s always in fashion.” 

ACo designer, Mia Farrell, adds, “We can do beautiful things with (inset cabinets), like paneled appliances or pocket doors that tuck back, that may not be possible with other types of construction.” 

Frameless Construction 

Framed cabinetry is just that; the box has a “frame” around the front. With a frameless product, this is eliminated. The front is essentially the door or drawer. While sleek and stylish, one of the biggest benefits of this type of construction is that it maximizes space. With a few extra inches, you can fit in those outsized plates or large serving dishes without worrying about chips, bangs, dings, and damage. 

Mia says that frameless “can tend to look contemporary, which is great if that’s your style. But it’s not for everyone.” That said, however, you can soften the modern edges and introduce a more transitional or traditional feel with the style of door you choose. And you get to keep that extra space! 

Full Overlay Cabinets 

When you think “cabinet,” this is likely what comes to mind. Fully overlay construction has been used for ages – and the style is still going strong. Unlike the frameless cabinet line or the Euro line, as it is sometimes called, the full overlay has a frame over the top of the box. Doors sit on top of the frame and almost cover the face entirely. 

Because very little of the face frame shows around the door(s) and drawer front, it can add a very modern, seamless appearance to your space. At the same time, it is quite traditional and gives us what we’ve come to expect from our cabinetry.  

Ready to Level Up? 

Knowing about the different types of construction empowers you to choose cabinetry that fully aligns with your style and your goals. There are benefits to each, and that’s why we’re here: to guide you through the process and help you make those decisions. 

When you love where you live, a cabinet is not just a cabinet. It’s an integral part of your design and your experience. Connect with Mia, Amanda, and the ACo team to get started on your unique project.  



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