Custom Rugs: The Perfect Pairing for Your New Hardwood or LVP Floors

Custom Rugs: The Perfect Pairing for Your New Hardwood or LVP Floors

So, you’ve just installed beautiful new hardwood or LVP floors? Think of them as a stunning canvas on which to create your masterpiece – your vision of home. Integrating carefully curated and chosen custom rugs is an exceptionally effective way to fill in the brushstrokes, integrating enhanced comfort, color, texture, and interest to your most well-used and well-loved spaces.

Area rugs perform a number of vital functions, from adding a protective buffer to high traffic areas and increasing safety to infusing spaces with comfort and style. The question is, how do you pair your new hardwood or LVP with custom rugs to achieve your unique goals?

5 Tips for Pairing Hardwood or LVP Floors with Custom Rugs

1. Consider Size and Shape for Your Custom Rugs

Custom rugsTo choose the optimal fit for your space, start with where you would like to position it. This will help guide you in terms of size and shape. In the living room, for example, it is typical to place the rug so it covers the entire seating area, leaving a border of at least 18-20 inches around the perimeter of the room, depending on the size of the space. Doing so not only creates a lovely aesthetic, but it also helps protect your hardwood or LVP from heavier traffic and from being scratched by furniture.

In hallways, as another example, the size will be determined by width of the space (again, leaving a border) and its length.

Outline the space you want to cover and measure it. If the room is quite large, you may want to invest in a few different rugs to create a bit of separation – and, of course, added visual interest. Keep in mind that if your rug is too small, it may make the room feel a bit disjointed and “off.

Now what about shape? Generally, circular rugs are great for smaller spaces as they can make them feel larger – and yet more cozy – and in rooms with rounded edges and features (e.g. a bay window). A square option is great in square rooms while rectangular rugs work well in large rooms (e.g. an open concept living/dining area) and, of course, hallways and corridors.

2. Play with Patterns

custom rugsCustom rugs are your opportunity to play with patterns. Your hardwood or LVP floor is likely rather neutral, and this is great. It’s that canvas we were speaking of. One method of choosing a custom rug is to look at your largest item. If it’s the sofa, for example, and it is a solid color, choose a color palette that compliments it and a pattern that catches your eye and echoes other shapes or lines in the room. You can match the secondary color in the rug with your sofa and the third with your wall color, pillows, or window treatments to create a cohesive look.

You have a world of possibilities here, from florals and geometric patterns to oriental and distressed oriental options. For example, if you have a sharp-edged, streamlined modern design, a geometric will complement the crisp lines. On the other hand, you could soften the edges with a distressed oriental or deliver a pop of color and excitement with a bold abstract floral. So many choices! While replacing your flooring is a big project, swapping out custom rugs to achieve a whole new look is easy – and effective.

If you are going to use multiple area rugs, you don’t have to stick with the same look or even the same pattern. Feel free to experiment. For instance, say you chose a vibrant floral for your seating area. You can pull threads from the secondary color through to your second rug and then from the third color to the third rug.

Try to stay in the same color family. From there, the options are endless.

3. Explore Edge Binding Options for Your Custom Rugs

custom rugsEdge binding finishes the carpet, keeping the fibers from unraveling. Believe it or not, there are a lot of options here in terms of binding style, color, material, and width. For example, you can select a standard binding technique in which the edge is the same color as the primary color of the rug. This makes for an unobtrusive look. Alternatively, you could opt for a contrasting binding that adds a little pop in a complementary color.

You can also choose from wide or narrow edges; standard edging (a strip of fabric is wrapped around the edge and stitched in place), serged edging (the edge looks like a thick fiber was wound around the edge of the carpet, creating a more refined look) or fringes (just what it sounds like!); and from polyester, cotton, leather, or jute materials.

The edging can play a big, though often subtle, role in your overall look.

4. Think About Backing

custom rugsA custom rug’s backing can also be an unsung hero in your living space! For example, a non-skid backing helps keep the rug in place and protect hardwood or LVP. It also makes traversing rugs safer! For a comfy underfoot experience, try a non-skid with cushion

Felt is another option for protecting your flooring but keep in mind that it won’t hold the rug in place. Yet another choice is cushion over carpet, which is adhered permanently to the back of the rug.

The right selection for you is one that protects your floors and meets the needs of your lifestyle. We can help you explore your options and find the backing that has your back.

5. Don’t Forget Custom Stair Runners


Stair runners perform a number of important services, including increasing safety, adding comfort, absorbing noise – and adding more style and personality to your space. The right stair runner can also preserve the beauty and durability of your hardwood or LVT flooring. When selecting the right fit, follow the tips above just as you would for a custom area rug. Size is a good place to start; if you have 3 foot wide stairs, try a 27-inch runner. It’ll leave a nice border but is wide enough, so you don’t feel constricted in terms of movement and coverage. From there, consider patterns and colors, backing, and edging options that work for your aesthetic needs.

A Custom Experience

ACo’s experienced design team will help you coordinate your project so that your home’s style, personal decor, flooring, and rugs are cohesive. Let’s create your masterpiece. Connect with an ACo Designer to talk about your goals, your vision, and what you need to love where you live.


Images Courtesy of Shaw Floors


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