Designing with Tiles

Designing with Tiles

Tile has always been a very popular material in the building industry due to its utilitarian characteristics – It is durable, and it is easy to clean. New advances in tile manufacturing in recent years have now made tile even more prevalent for both floor and wall coverings but this time for aesthetic reasons. Yes, basic sizes are still popular, but other shapes and patterns are also popping up on the market everywhere. Whether it is the orientation of a square or rectangular tile or a decorative shape, tiles are becoming the focal points throughout every room of the house.  

For a simplistic but elevated look, designers all over the industry are thinking outside the box. They are taking the most basic tiles and arranging them in an eye-catching pattern to make an ordinary space look extraordinary. 

Even generic square tiles can look more interesting by the way they are installed. Staggering square tiles creates a more dynamic and energetic look in a roomThese same square tiles can also be installed on a 45-degree angle for a totally different, but equally beautiful upscale and traditional feel. 

Rectilinear large format tiles and smaller subway tiles have become the most popular tile in the design world. They are the most versatile shape when it comes to creating patterns with tile too. They can be staggered for a traditional brick/subway look or stacked either vertically or horizontally for a more modern or contemporary look. A square herringbone compliments an Art Deco design with its geometric characteristics but turn it on a 45-degree angle and suddenly the tile pattern looks more elegant and sophisticated. Other tile patterns, like the square or diagonal basketweave, can even give a fun textural illusion to any floor or wall. 

As mentioned before, square and rectangular tiles are just the beginning when it comes to tile options these daysBelow is a list of some other shapes seen on the tile market today.  

  • Chevron 
  • Diamond 
  • Arabesque 
  • Hexagon 
  • Elongated Hexagon/Crayon 
  • Petal 
  • Scallop 

When these shapes are combined, they can create a fun and interesting pattern on the floor, wall or even ceiling. The options when designing with tile are nearly endless! 

To see these shapes and patterns, and several others or to begin creating your very own tile patterns for your next home project, connect with ACo to schedule a complimentary in-home or virtual consultation and one of our tile experts can begin designing with you.  



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