Q: I’ve seen concrete among some more industrial designs and have been trying to collect ideas for how you’d take this concept and apply it to the bathroom.

A: Concrete as a material throughout the home is making a comeback for sure. We see concrete countertops, concrete flooring options and even concrete used as décor throughout the home. When it comes to the bathroom, some of the great features of concrete stand out even more so.

Here are a few ideas we’ve seen for using concrete in the bathroom when it comes to flooring, showers, and more.

  1. Sinks: Whether you have already salvaged a rustic, concrete sink from a restoration facility, one place that concrete looks great is in a sink. And the options are many!
  2. Flooring: You might not have ever thought that concrete could look good as a flooring choice, but combined with the right furniture and colors, it can actually add to your bathroom design in a good way.
  3. Walls: Concrete can be a great choice (or a concrete look-a-like) for creating a rustic feel in your bathroom.
  4. Vanity/Countertop: Concrete vanities and countertops can be found as a unit or separate and can also be an option for adding an industrial touch to your bathroom.
  5. Tub: Concrete as a material is extremely versatile as it can be molded to fit any shape. If you are choosing just one piece of bathroom furniture in concrete, the tub might be the best option.

Check out Houzz’s Concrete Bathroom Designs for more inspiration when applying concrete as a material to your bathroom.

ACo wants to work with you to ensure you have the bathroom design of your dreams. Using concrete is a cost-effective material as it’s in good supply and can be used for virtually any application in the bathroom.

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