Q: How do I make my dollar go as far as I can in our next renovation?

A: As far as your next renovation project goes, it’s not the scale of the changes that you make. Instead, the deciding factor should be the impact that is created. With this mindset, you need not spend thousands of dollars to make an impression. Consider how you can make impact by following these tips!

1. Add Value during the Design

One mistake that homeowners often make when they go at a home improvement on their own is finding ways to add value during the design. The problem isn’t that homeowners don’t want to add value or don’t try to make the best choices, but that they often aren’t informed or knowledgeable about the best values and as do-it-yourselfers, they simply miss out on what the experts already know.

Don’t leave your decisions up to the private contractor or even a friend’s recommendation alone—make sure you’re working with a company that knows value and advises you on selecting materials, working on your timeline and more.

2. Do it Right the First Time

Another challenge that homeowners face is getting the job done right the first time. How many times have you heard from a friend (or had your own experience) that the contractor didn’t do the job right, leaving the homeowner to end up paying out more to have something fixed down the road? We don’t want this to be you! While more and more people are taking up projects on their own (one 2012 report estimates as many as 72%), the reality is that for your major projects involving installation of cabinets, flooring, and countertops, it really is best to go with the professionals.

3. Your Plan from the Get-Go

Every home renovation should start with a plan that maps out your whole project before ordering material or starting the work.  We know that changes will arise and that’s okay, but keep in mind that constantly changing the plan can slow down the renovation process and add costs. One of the great advantages of working with ACo is that we can help you navigate difficult decisions when the unexpected does arise. Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Let ACo partner with you at whatever stage you’re at. We look forward to helping your dream become a reality today!