Q: What’s the best way to ensure I get the best bathroom renovation?

A: When it comes to renovating your bathroom, there are a host of repairs, updates and changes you can introduce, but if you negect the floors, you’re going to regret it! In fact, the floor of your bathroom should be one fo the first places to start in a renovation.

Think about it. Your floors probably get the most wear and tear, and if you only updated your floors, the difference made would be enormous.

What are some things to consider in the floor update?

  • Material

  • Durability

  • Appearance

  • Cost

We are seeing many of our clients choose stone or ceramic tile for the bathroom floor—and for good reason. What’s great about ceramic floor tiles is that they are not only great on the cost-front, but they are very durable.

Most importantly, have your renovation taken care of by a company who can complete the project from A to Z seamlessly. A company with a reputation in high quality materials, specifically flooring, and one-of-a kind results!

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