Q: I want to renovate my property. How do I get the most value for my money?

A.  A renovation will increase the value of the home. However, the amount of increase depends on the degree of renovation and the costs involved. More money spent on renovation does not always translate to a greater added home value.  Consider these Do’s and Don’ts when thinking about a renovation.

Don’t over-improve. It’s important to stay consistent with the neighborhood. High-end finishes may seem like a good idea, but if you are the only house with granite countertops and a professional grade range, you may not see a return on that investment. ACo can guide you and help you get the greatest value. 

Do invest in basic upgrades. A simple change can add significant value for the cost. Often these easy projects more than pay for themselves in added value.  

  • A coat of fresh paint
  • New fixtures
  • New flooring
  • Updated lighting

Do enjoy your renovation. Generally, a new kitchen will hold its initial value for several years. Plan your renovation accordingly and you’ll get to enjoy the results for a long time. ACo makes your renovation so easy you’ll also get to enjoy the process! 

Don’t add the pool. As wonderful as a pool may sound, homebuyers are often hesitant to purchase homes with a pool because of the perceived upkeep and insurance costs as well as fear of liability.

Let the experts at ACo advise you on how your renovation will impact your property value so you get the most bang for your buck!