Easy Storage Ideas to De-Clutter Your Home

Easy Storage Ideas to De-Clutter Your Home

Q: Can you share some ideas for storage and any other solutions you might have to offer?

A: A key element in getting storage right is to make it look clean, spacious, and presentable. Here are some quick tips on how to clear the clutter with these quick and easy storage solutions that keep your home looking its best.

Storage Bench or Seat

Buy an attractive storage bench to set at your entry or to function as a seat to store toys, pet items, and garden tools in a great looking container that adds a decorative element to the space. Outdoor PVC garden benches are an easy alternative to keep a patio or porch tidy, while a toy box in each bedroom makes quick work of preparing bedrooms to be shown on short notice.

Check out our Hedge Kitchen where we installed a unique shoe storage solution behind the front door! https://liveaco.com/projects/hedge-kitchen

Bright Boxes

Purchase bright colored storage boxes to use on shelves or inside cabinets to reduce the appearance of clutter.

Overhead Storage Systems

Add inexpensive overhead storage systems to the garage, shed, or even bedrooms. Sturdy and easy-to- install ceiling mounted storage systems keep walkways free of debris, especially in cluttered spaces like the garage. Add colorful ribbons or bright decorations to create the perfect place for stuffed animals, games, or other infrequently used toys in bedrooms.

Kitchen Cabinets

If you are ready to take storage solutions to the next level, you’ll want to invest in kitchen cabinets. We have installed various designs for homeowners, and one of the comments we hear the most is how much better they feel with all the new storage available! Take a look at the McGaughey Kitchen for one of these stories.



From bikes to hats, there is a rack for every reason, so chances are your home could benefit from a few well positioned and inexpensive racks too. Some of the more popular racks include bike racks, multimedia racks, coat and hat rack, laundry racks and of course – spice racks.

Stay prepared by presenting your home in the best light possible by putting everything in its place.


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