Eco-Friendly Kitchen and Bath Solutions

Eco-Friendly Kitchen and Bath Solutions

Today on the blog, Mary Saur of Modernize shares some excellent information about making your home eco-friendly.

Many homeowners associate eco-friendly home upgrades with a high price tag, but not all natural or green home upgrades have to cost an arm and a leg. Instead, homeowners can make small changes to their home to live a more sustainable life. One way to accomplish this is by choosing products that are kind to the environment and healthy for the people living in your home.

Having a firm budget doesn’t mean you have to give up your vision for a more environmentally friendly home. In fact, there are many cost effective ways you can upgrade both your kitchen and your bath with the help of the remodeling services offered by ACo. At Modernize, we think any step you can make towards a greener way of life is a step in the right direction. In this article, we will explore some upgrades you can make to your kitchen and bath that are friendly to your budget, your health, and the environment.

Eco-Friendly Home

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Choose Natural, Non Toxic Flooring

Conventional flooring options are often full of chemicals that can be harmful to your health and  the environment. We encourage homeowners to consider how the way their flooring is manufactured and installed affects the environment and their family.ACo offers many options including high quality green laminate in an array of beautiful colors that would fit well into any  home style.

Install Environmentally Friendly Plumbing Fixtures

Reducing your consumption of the earth’s resources is big part of living a more sustainable, environmentally friendly life. Conserving water allows homeowners to reduce the pollution of nearby water sources in addition to decreasing their utility bills each month. While making good habits (like taking shorter showers) is a great first step, the plumbing fixtures used in your bathroom or kitchen remodel also play an important role.

By selecting eco-friendly faucets and low flow shower heads, you can reduce how much water is consumed while performing normal, everyday activities like washing dishes and taking a shower.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom

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Use Energy Efficient Toilets

Low-flow toilets use less water each time they are flushed, compared to conventional toilet options. Many of the toilets manufactured before the year 1994 use a large amount of water—up to seven gallons—to propel waste out of the toilet bowl. In comparison, slow-flow toilets, at 1.28-gallon per flush, provide significant water savings of up to 16,500 gallons per year without sacrificing performance.

When you work with the team at ACo, you are working with a group of individuals who feel passionately about creating luxurious kitchen and bathroom spaces that fit your budget and the environmentally friendly vision you have for your home. Together with their designers, you can find the perfect products for your home and coordinate your project for a stress-free remodel of your kitchen or bathroom.


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