The Elegance of Hardwood Floors

Q: What kind of planning should I think through for our flooring renovation?

A: Building a home or even renovating an old house is a task that requires a large amount of creativity, planning and patience in all areas, and especially so with your flooring. Why is it that flooring should be so carefully thought through? Floors are the most abused portions of the house. People literally step on them, place heavy equipment on them and scoot furniture across them repeatedly through the floor’s lifetime.

Choosing Flooring Material

When choosing floors, homeowners should make sure that they take into consideration the quality of their flooring material, the possible abuse that the floor has to go through and the length of time they are going to be using that floor.

One great choice for flooring material is wood, particularly hardwood like maple or oak or even cherry. Hardwood flooring is in abundance and provides an elegant touch to every home. One fast-growing trend is using hardwoods, even for kitchen floors.

When using wooded materials on kitchen floors, one of the best choices is a urethane finish. Some people avoid wood on their kitchen floors because it can be damaged with constant water spills. While this is a concern to pay attention to, you can avoid this by being creative and placing beautiful rugs in areas that are where water spills usually occur.

Hardwoods are particularly attractive on the floor of your living rooms and bedrooms too. Wood produces a feeling of nostalgia and gives a feeling that the house has been lived in. Wooden flooring, when done properly, can actually give elegance to an otherwise simple house. It can easily be polished to give off that new and shiny effect.

Timing of Installation

Once you have chosen the type of hardwood that you want as your house flooring, you should ensure that the timing of your floor installation comes after major construction if you are renovating more than just your floors. This will help you avoid any accidental marks or scuffs on your new floor.

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