Exceptional Results Just Got Easier with Our Flooring Visualizer

Exceptional Results Just Got Easier with Our Flooring Visualizer

When you are remodeling or renovating your home, imagining the possibilities is the exciting part – and the challenging part! What if the mahogany floors you choose for the living room are overwhelmingly dark instead of boldly dramatic? What if the white tiles in the laundry room are…nice… but a patterned tile would’ve added a more intriguing touch? Well, when it comes to your flooring, visualizing results is now much easier.

With the Flooring Visualizer Seeing Is Believing

Through ACo, you can access the Floorvana + from Shaw, a tool that allows you to “try out” different flooring options via your computer, phone, or tablet. All you do is upload an image of the room you want to focus on, view the wide array of Shaw Floors solutions, and see how they bring your space to life.

If you want to explore and be inspired, you can also select from the app’s many sample rooms. Select a category (kitchen, living room, bathroom, shared spaces, etc.), choose a room, and… play.


Not quite the right complement to your cabinets? Try again:


Switch, Save, and Share Your Flooring Design Options

Whether you upload an image or view a sample room, can select your flooring type, and then browse through a wide spectrum of options. The beauty of this flooring visualizer tool is that you can try out different designs and styles – and there are no costly consequences or buyer’s remorse. If you decide the floor is too rustic for your modern space or that it is too dark, too light, or not quite right, you just click onto the next choice.

When you upload an image of your space, you can organize the options that you like most into projects and save for easy reference later.

If you think you’ve found a winner or cannot choose between a few of your favorites, the flooring visualizer allows you to share your designs with others via email, text, Facebook, Messenger, and other social platforms. Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes is just what you need to solidify your choice – or to rethink it!

With this flooring visualizer, ACo offers you a real-time augmented reality experience that can completely transform the way you make your flooring decisions. With beautiful collections and plenty of variety, you are guaranteed to find the perfect Shaw Floors for your home.

Love Where You Live

ACo can help you navigate your options, weigh the pros and cons of different flooring materials, and make a decision that you will be thrilled to live with year after year. Ask our team about Shaw’s flooring visualizer tool or click here to explore it for yourself. We make it that much easier to not only envision your dream home – but bring it to life. If you’re ready for a worry-free approach to remodeling, get in touch with ACo’s experts today.


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